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8.800 CORONA FINES and CRIMINAL SHEETS distributed in a few weeks

The NOS still rubs it that the Dutch Police has issued 8.800 fines in recent weeks for violating the absurd corona measures.

You will be in these difficult times, in which we have to do it together, will be fined if you dare to move freely.

And what kind of fines?

The fine for schools is € 390 for adults. If an employer violates corona rules, he will lose € 4350.

Including a note on your criminal record

Police response: "We try with kindness first."

The fines were mainly about keeping too little distance, reports the NOS.

It seems that we need to shake up our anxious countrymen very quickly and very firmly. Ridiculate that unfair fear that has been spoken to us by our thoroughly corrupt media.

A criminal record if you walk too close to someone. Hello?? 

This is pure scams and intimidation. Giving up our companies, lives and the elderly and in countries where there is no lockdown are people living happily ever after?

Let your frightened friends and family think about what it was like and how people would look at it at that time, with sober sense. Have them set aside their fear and reason logically. See the big picture. It must be over now.

This country will go to hell if everyone stays hypnotized. We are there and look at it.

When we look at the “corona counter”, which is used as an official source worldwide, we see that there have been no new corona deaths in almost no country.

Ask yourself: If this virus is really that dangerous, but the corona measures are being violated worldwide. Then why doesn't it go wrong anywhere? How is it possible that there are in 100+ countries NOT A SINGLE ONE coronadode falls more? How do you justify these measures, with all its consequences, against this fact? That is not possible. It is impossible to maintain this story.

A response from someone in our community:
“I must say, I was really scared of corona at the beginning of February (there was little real info and a lot of disinfo), but if you give it a little bit of time and do research…. . In May 2020, people will still panic across the shopping center… I just can't deal with this mess anymore. Anyway, the lack of motivation and fascination with looking up information, maybe things you don't get to hear on state propaganda… It's just not there for many people. I cannot understand how you DO NOT have that strong feeling within to look for the truth YOURSELF. Apparently people like to be told something, I guess… ”

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