81% of young ladies have to deal with intimidation on the street

In Amsterdam, 51% of all women have to deal with street harassment.

The percentage of girls and young women between 15 and 34 years old is even more frightening. 81% of this age group is intimidated once or more times in the city of Femke Halsema.

Especially around Central Station, at the Red Light District, around Leidseplein, Bijlmer, Jan Evertsenstraat and Mercatorplein are places where many reports come from.

In addition, there was also a sharp rise in domestic violence and online sexual harassment and threats.

In response to this, Burgemeester Halsema wants to support the victims of this to increase the willingness to report this group and to enter into discussions with the hotel and catering industry, night clubs and hotels. This is because staff is probably often witness to these intimidations.

For victims, a safe living environment is also sought, at a safe distance from violence and intimidation.

Femke Halsema points in a report that this is the fault of Religious fanaticism and the “extreme right”, while for the sake of convenience the non-Western population of the Capital is overlooked.

Yes, it is something with the extreme right. Invisible but oh so active.

51% of Amsterdam women have to deal with street harassment

Population Amsterdam, non-Western on p. 32-35 (see also appendix)

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