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92-year-old woman killed by illegal

In Queens, New York, an elderly lady was attacked on the street from behind, after being followed for a while by an illegal immigrant.

New York is the place where you get a $ 250.000 fine if you call against an illegal: "Go back to your own country." (source)

New York is also the place where all illegal immigrants can get their driver's license for free. (source)

The 21 year old Riyaz Khan Guyana ran away quickly after he had sexually molested the woman and left him dead on the ground in the snow. Two hours later she was found wounded and confused. She died in the hospital.

Khan was arrested earlier in November 2019 for assault and possession of weapons.

But the refugee policy of the city of New York forced him to be released.

ICE (immigration police) is angry with the policy makers of the city of New York:
“We arrest illegal immigrants and they are then released almost immediately! The politicians here care more about illegal criminals than their own citizens, whom they should protect and serve. ”

Thus ICE:


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