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"EIGHT BABY!" Sustainable Germany saved by non-renewable energy sources

Sustainable Germany depends on “Non-renewable” energy sources

Due to global warming, it is freezing cold everywhere in winter. That makes sense, right. This is also the case in Sustainable Germany.

But renewables have failed quite a bit in Germany.

And there you are with your frozen windmills and solar panels.

Presenter Cory Bernardi brings with a good dose of delicious sarcasm that Germany should be grateful for non-renewable energy after having become forced to depend on electricity from surrounding countries after the cold wave frozen solar panels and wind turbines.

“These monuments to green madness must draw power from the remains of the fossil fuel power grid to prevent them from freezing”, he said.

Mr. Bernardi also said that the "Domestic energy dinosaurs" that saved German green energy production came from “non-renewable” energy sources such as gas, coal and nuclear power.

"A country that depends on everyone else for energy when it gets too cold is certainly an achievement to be proud of."


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