Adam Schiff sued at the Federal Court

Tonight probably extended in Nieuwsuur, but still:

While Nancy Pelosi is sleeping with the impeachment papers under her pillow and as a result still has not made the impeachment official, Adam Schiff is called up by Judicial Watch.

Watchdog Judicial Watch takes Democrat Schiff to court because 'Shifty Schiff' refuses to hand over the secret summonses to them.

With these subpoenas, Schiff requested telephone data from Republican and incidentally former dairy farmer Devin Nunes and journalist John Solomon from telecom companies regarding the impeachment process against Donald Trump.

But since Nunes and Solomon have not committed criminal offenses, such an investigation would not be officially admissible under the constitution.

Trump Rudy Giuliani's lawyer was also falsely examined by the Democrats.










Not only are the telephone details of Nunes and Solomon requested, but these have also been made public.

All calling data with name and surname and complete conversations have been thrown on the street at the feet of the public.

This is a violation of the rights of the persons involved.

Adam Schiff is now being given notice of default by Judicial Watch for not being able and / or willing to show the documents associated with obtaining and releasing private information and details of telephone data.

Schiff denies that the subpoenas exist at all.

The constitution is being violated.
If apparently even the President of America and his associates are not protected by the constitution, what about the common man?

The average American therefore wonders to what extent their telephone is being intercepted.

Schiff's entire impeachment investigation focused on the fact that Trump would be the most corrupt president ever, but in reality and behind the scenes, Americans' rights are being violated every day because the constitution is not respected by the Democrats.

Because 'Pencilneck' Schiff He has already demonstrably spread lies about, for example, the Russians who would have helped Donald Trump in the saddle.

Adam Schiff is the Joker in the house of cards that he built himself.

We have waited a long time for it but that cesspit finally opens.


"Exposing all corruption is my biggest goal!"

The speech that inspired millions of Americans to choose Donald Trump as their President:

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