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African migrants attack trucker

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A corridor of at least 12 migrants attacked a truck driver with cutting blades, spears and metal objects on Wednesday while he was sleeping in the parking lot of the E40 motorway in Walshoutem in Belgium.

The driver woke up with a rustling sound from his trailer. (source)

After he got out of his truck to see what was going on, he was immediately attacked by the large group of migrants who forced him to flee back into the cabin of his truck.

"They attacked him with knives, spears and iron bars, among other things." the police said.

Despite the life-threatening situation with a large group of migrants, the police could only send one car. This is due to cuts in staff.

"Only 1 patrol car was available due to the budget discounts." told a police union spokesperson.

Where we spend millions (also in Belgium) to help such people, there is no money for extra police to tackle that same group again because of their aggressive behavior in their host countries.

How long will this madness continue? What is the logic behind importing these people? Apart from the danger they bring, there is no money for more important things than pleasing economic refugees who come to Europe via a smuggler.

Immigration is one of the largest costs. If not, the biggest. It is not just that housing but all the lists are led by these migrants. The costs of migration are expressed in all other aspects such as health care, social assistance etc.

“According to the protocol, our colleagues actually had to wait for colleagues to be reinforced. But they were in Anderlecht at that time. About 60 kilometers away. ” said a police spokesperson.

But the two officers still went because of the seriousness of the situation. When they arrived, all migrants had already fled.

Only two police cars in a 60 km radius in a small country like Belgium? This gives almost free play to the criminals along the highways.

“The staff has now been reduced by 50%. We are really afraid that a few people will have to be killed before reinforcements come again to deal with these kinds of matters. ”

“The number of incidents like this can no longer be counted on 2 hands! It has become so normal and it is also getting more and more aggressive! It's a phenomenon. ” (source)

A Belgian trucker was still shooting in France last week. (source)

Fortunately the man had no injuries.













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