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Alice Weidel of AfD at the corona protests in Stuttgart

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When the AfD warned, as a precaution for Corona, they were called conspiracy thinkers.

The government ignored everything and laughed at them.

Now that it was all grossly exaggerated, they are once again conspiracy thinkers because they want to get rid of these sick, harmful and completely irrational measures.

Sounds familiar, huh?

The same scenario applies to countries such as France, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands anyway, but probably almost all EU Member States.

When does the penny fall?

But… the pressing question remains… WHY has no party from the beginning of this p (l) andemia at least left open the possibility that there may be an agenda behind this and that the figures (from the beginning) are VERY questionable.

Anyone who understands the logic of numbers, and that is really not difficult, will be left with that question. That is not higher mathematics. That is understanding relationships.

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