CHILDREN taken away from PARENTS by GOVERNMENT due to lockdown

Horrible times for mothers.

Several American mothers saw their children taken away by the government because they work as a nurse during the corona crisis.

What do politicians think about this? What does Trump think about this? Those who say how fantastic the care staff are and what a good job they are doing ?!

CPS (Child Protective Service) takes away parents who work in health care from their visiting rights and uses the pandemic as a reason.

The divorced first aid nurse in Washington lost custody of her child.

In Florida dr. Theresa Greene shared custody with her ex-husband Eric Greene over her 4-year-old daughter.

But Theresa Greene recently lost custody of her child, as a judge assigned full custody to ex Eric Greene until further notice, due to the mother's duties.


Judge Bernard Shapiro tells Dr. Greene to withdraw her guardianship rights indefinitely, or for the duration of the corona crisis.

The decision was made with a view to the welfare and safety of the minor child and is related to the Covid19 outbreak. (source)

Dr. Theresa Greene says that the guardianship case is putting her more stress than the entire corona crisis:
'I'm shocked that the court is so lightly on it. No medics were heard at all to discuss the facts.
They take my child away from me without thinking about the psychological and mental consequences for my daughter. '

'I have taken a medical oath and must keep it. I can't just stop working as a doctor. '

Greene appeals. (source)

Someone who works in healthcare in Oklahoma was also deprived of custody of her children due to the risk of infection with the coronavirus.

A judge from the Sax and Fox district took Katherine Spencer's children away after her ex-husband sued for a 'dangerous home situation'.


The meeting is said to have taken place on March 20, 2020 according to the order, but according to official record, the entire session was held on March 20

The mother claims to have suddenly been confronted with the injunction and has no previous history of child abuse or neglect.

On the internet she writes that at 22.00:XNUMX there was a police at the door who brought her children.

“My ex himself is guilty of domestic violence. He tried to strangle me and his new girlfriend. We both have applied for a VPO (Victim Protective Order) against him. ”

"He has previously been arrested for breaking his restraining order."

Child protection worker Danelle Dillman used the corona virus as an excuse to deprive the parents of the visiting rights for their 20-month-old baby.

The baby was previously confiscated by the state because the baby was said to have too low a birth weight.

Danelle Dillman then informed the father, Andrew Ritter, by text just in advance that his child was going to be taken, because the mother was breastfeeding and refused to give her baby an appetite stimulant. (source)


Chief of Youth Care Oklahoma says he does not know whether the visits between parents and children continue during the corona crisis.

He did report that in some cases visits between parents and children take place via Skype and Facetime.

An employee of Youth Care says that as long as the corona crisis is not over, some visit arrangements have been suspended. She refused to mention her name.

Keeley McEwan, head of communication department of Youth Care says that there is no suspension of a visiting arrangement, but that the guidelines change daily.

"We encourage visitors!"said Keeley McEwan.

Social worker Danelle Dillman was not available for comment.

The removal of children occurs throughout the US. For very debatable reasons or without reason. It is a very lucrative industry for the government.

In 1997, Bill Clinton signed the ASFA (Adoption and Safe Family Act), which gave the federal government the opportunity to issue thick checks to states for every child adopted from a foster home.

ASFA also made it possible for all guardianship rights of the biological parents to be terminated as soon as a child has been in a foster family for 15 months, from the past 22 months.

Then First Lady Hillary Clinton worked hard to get the law through Congress. The number of adoptions subsequently rose by 64% nationwide.

Parents affected by ASFA call the law a blank check to allow child trafficking.

'I lost all four of my children to the state. They were all under ten years old and from day one we had no chance of getting them back. ' said Jeremy Powell from Oklahoma.

“One of my children has already been in six different foster homes. 15 months with each family, and then transferred to another foster family, because the state receives a sum of money for that each time. My children are just being tortured! Children are traded like cattle. ” is a website of the Texan Audra Terry that collects stories from youth care whistleblowers. Hundreds of stories can be read there. Including those of 10 social workers who report the sexual abuse of children. The site has suddenly disappeared without a trace.

"We want transparency and justice."

The state will receive a bonus check of $ 4.000 per child EVERY 15 months.
A child with a backpack or a disabled child brings $ 6.000 into the drawer

In 2016, the federal government paid $ 55,2 million in bonuses to 47 states.
In 2018, she paid out 613,9 million in ASFA bonuses.

This amount is separate from the money paid by ASFA to adoptive parents.



Andrea Packwood of California Family Advocacy says social workers frequently perjury in court to get the bonuses.

Children are coached by them to say certain incriminating things to the judge. Everything can be used against you in these kinds of cases, without having to provide proof.

If your neighbor or the garbage collector doesn't like you, his statement about you can cost you.

Lawyers in Orange County, California said social workers who commit perjury in custody cases have been declared inviolable.

'As a kind of Antifa movement they have been given certain rights that everyone else does not have, they are given immunity.', said the lawyers.

DeLeith Gosset, a Professor of Law at Texas Tech University, says that children are often kept in the Youth Care System until the age of 18 in order to generate optimal income:

The children are never adopted and continue to rotate in the foster family mill throughout their childhood. With all the negative effects that this entails for the rest of their lives. '

Mary Jo Bane, defends ASFA law.

She worked on the law with Clinton and already in 1977 she believed that children do not belong in a traditional family, but are much better off if they are brought up by society:

Mary Jo Bane, in a 1977 interview.

“We really don't know how to raise children. If we want to talk about equality of opportunity for children, then the fact that children are raised in families means there's no equality. It's a dilemma. In order to raise children with equality, WE MUST TAKE THEM AWAY FROM FAMILIES and communally raise them. ”

Trump is trying with the Family First Prevention Services Act repair the damage Clinton's ASFA has done.

Hereby an attempt is made to place the child with family where possible.
Furthermore, a decision is made within 30 days where the child will be staying, instead of within 15 months.

Reimbursements are no longer provided for group childcare longer than two weeks and the state is paid for social work per child for only 12 months.

But duped parents think that this will hardly work now that even the CORONACRISIS has been exploited to continue CPS malpractices and to continue to provide Child Protection with cash.

In 2019 it came out that in Contra Costa County in California many children ended up in the sex trafficking circuit through Foster care. Foster Care is a breeding ground for and suppliers of sex traffickers. (source) (source)

On October 4, a large demonstration is planned in Sacramento California where thousands of parents are expected.

They demand reforms from the Child Protection Service (CPS).

Also on October 4, a meeting will be held in Alexandria, Virginia with the Department of Health and Family Affairs to discuss child trafficking and sex trafficking.

Whether it is a coincidence that World Animal Day has been chosen as a day to discuss child trafficking is unclear, and whether the demonstration of the parents in Sacramento will take place at all during the corona crisis remains to be seen.

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