Angela Merkel - Assassin of Democracy

Germany. The country where 25% of the population now has a non-Western background.

In other words, one in four people in Germany. In a few years, there will be one in three. Not counting illegal. (source)

Women are chopped to pieces just across the border in Limburg by their own husbands (source), a mother and her 8 year old child in Frankfurt are thrown in front of the train (source).

A firefighter who went to the Augsburg Christmas Market with his family ... beaten to death without motive by underage immigrants. (source)

Type Germany in the search function and the misery that has plagued the country in the past 6 months becomes (only partly) clear. This is because it is only the tip of the iceberg.

Now, background should make no difference were it not for the fact that, as a thank you for our help, this minority is one of the most nasty lists from murders to manslaughter and rapes to other violent crimes. You're not making that up, it's the numbers.

By warning about this you are called a racist and in this way you are prevented from addressing a clear group about their behavior. Although it has nothing to do with race, it has been pumped into us for years. How stupid is it, in fact, that people who want fair democracy and would like to pursue policies with some common sense are heretical when the same Nazi callers respect nothing but their own views and want to impose them on the people in a fascist way?

And Angela Merkel? She defends all 800.000 (now a million. Hundreds of thousands of cases were still running between 2014 and 2018) and finds them "That they are doing well".

Here you can clearly see how crazy people like Angela Merkel are and have no idea what is going on in society. Blind towards globalism. At the expense of tens of thousands of German lives. Watch carefully when she's laughed at when she talks about the far right, while the country is on fire because of immigration ...


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