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Angela Merkel defends 800.000 migrant crimes against German people

Germany. The country where 25% of the population now has a non-Western background.

Women are chopped up with samurai swords just across the border in Limburg, a mother and child in Frankfurt are thrown for the train and last week an unsuspecting citizen who went to the Christmas market in Augsburg was beaten to death without motive.

So one in four people in Germany. Now background should not matter if it were not for this minority, as a thank you for our help, to be in one of the nasty lists from murders to manslaughter and rapes to other violent crimes. You don't make that up, it's the numbers. Worldwide.

By warning you about this you are called a racist and in this way you are prevented from addressing a clear group about their behavior. Although it has nothing to do with race, it has been pumped in for years with us.

How stupid is it that people who want fair democracy and want to pursue a policy of somewhat common sense are denounced while those same Nazi-callers respect nothing but their own opinion and want to force the people in a fascist way?

During a debate in the Bundestag, Angela Merkel once again defended mass immigration and its open-border policy and took a very clear position. 

To the question of Gottfried Curio from the AfD (Alternativen für Deutschland) If she feels personally responsible in any way for the 800.000 settled proven crimes committed by immigrants in 4 years, Merkel tries in a very nasty way to put the blame on the collective:

“I believe Germany has helped many people in need. That has resulted in a general effort by society. ”

Completely ignoring the figures that Curio mentioned, Merkel said it was worth the number of German civilian casualties:

"The figures also showed that this work is not in vain, but that it is certainly a success."

The globalist believes that these people will eventually integrate well. The problem should not be mentioned. The word "immigrant" is avoided as it is a sacred mission.

She seems completely unaccountable. Avoiding answers from automatism.

Asked for a solution ::

“We will fight harder against the extreme right. And of course in other areas too. ”

Compare 800.000 crimes with sporadic violence from the extreme right, whose victims can literally be counted on two hands. But woe to criticize your bones. Then you are a Nazi or a fascist.

In this way millions of people have been indoctrinated for years and believe in a sham world built by these globalists. See how left-wing citizens completely break through this popular felony.

These people make a clear choice. This is where the European Union wants to go. The great plan of the globalists. An experiment with Europe and its citizens.

An absurd and dangerous plan with the aim of a Co2-free “climate neutral” Europe where borders do not exist and where cultures merge. A Europe governed from Brussels in which countries become part of a large European Empire.

These people really mean it.

This is the political choice of globalists in the European Union. We cannot get these people off their plan in any way. Sluggish politicians like Mark Rutte are infected with this globalist syndrome and you see them change over the years from a liberal to a puppet of globalists who talk with 2 mouths without any problems.

The question is: Do they really think this or does it serve a higher purpose? Both answers are disastrous. But the numbers and this behavior clearly demonstrate something else.

Namely that this one people will never stop. These are criminals against humanity in full state of denial. Only we, the people, can stop the demise of Europe and our beautiful Netherlands.

People wake up. We lose everything.

We are much further developed than these folk lovers. Let your common sense speak.

Without support. No CSTV.

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