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Anti Zwarte Piet activist lost job after statue defaced

A KOZP activist, who was associated with the defacement of a statue in Hoorn, has lost her job.

Marisella de Cuba, the culprit, is no longer welcome at the company where she worked for 5 years.

Marisella de Cuba:

“They called to say that my contract will not be renewed, that I am no longer welcome in the building, that I am exempt from work until the end of the contract and that I must return the laptop. They said my actions hit the business without being asked. That they have the motto: what is of value must remain of value and what I do is at odds with that. I was just able to release an astonished 'it was chalk', but they had no interest in my story. ”

The political party Bij1 has set up an action to help the Hoornse. Apparently Bij1 is fine with defacing statues and forging or removing our history. The history of this party shows that with their iconoclasm. (source)

The Twitter account Visor on the Left, which has more than 15.000 followers, the perpetrator Marisella de Cuba called one "Criminal extreme left activist."

The company where she worked was asked for a response and they denied that this had anything to do with the statue being defaced.

 “The employee concerned is not dismissed, but a temporary employment relationship is not renewed. A decision that had already been made for all the events of the last two weeks. Political motives or threats never play a role in such a decision. Not in this case either. ”

According to the AD, an e-mail was circulated showing that it had to do with the daubing.

The AD writes:

“However, an internal email shows that the company was not at all happy with the employee's action. 'Obviously, everyone is allowed to stand up for their own ideals, but if this affects CED we are forced to take measures against this', can be read among other things. ”

The selective indignation of a group that portrays everyone with a different opinion as racists, fascists and the extreme right is poignant:

“It is unbelievable that someone who shows so much social commitment, who do their utmost to make society a better place, will be abandoned so badly”Jazie Veldhuyzen, party chairman of BIJ1 Amsterdam, writes on Facebook.

 'Marisella is one of those people who is really committed - behind the scenes - to the fight against racism. As a result, she has played a decisive role in raising awareness and discussing racism in the West Friesland region for many years. '

Read Jazie's lament here.

The double standard ...

When these figures were demonstrating in the midst of the so-called pandemic Mayor Halsema stood up for them and she even stood there. Without mouth mask. Last weekend people are standing up for their freedom and they can count on hundreds of riot police and police officers.

Not too bad to beat you up. Whether you are 16 years old or 80. We have the images and otherwise take a look at the YouTube channel of De Kapitein.


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