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Atlanta police don't show up: "You didn't want police anymore, did you?"

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Following an agent's conviction for the death of child molester Rayshard Brooks, agents in parts of Atlanta decided not to return to work.

It started with the arrest of Brooks, because of drunkenness and obstruction of the road with his car in which he slept. Brooks opposed the arrest, knowing that his previous parole meant that this arrest meant a return to prison.
Brooks knocked the agents to the ground and ran off with the agent's taser. The officer shot him.

"Yes but Jasper, he RUN AWAY, so it was just murder" (read with a small voice).
So if I attack a cop and get shot while I run away, it's murder. And not my own fault?

Let me just say what every healthy person should think, instead of chatting about the “details” with “left” scum:
Death is part of the occupational risk in crime, whether by an agent or by a rival criminal. And especially if, like Brooks, you have child abuse on your huge criminal record. POINT!

The last few weeks have been rotten weeks to be a cop in an ethnically diverse society. Whatever you do, the “racist” label is quickly sewn onto your uniform. The activists are calling for your profession to be abolished.
The Democrats are calling with the activists.

And the Republicans are not standing up en masse to defend you. Instead, the President signs a decree for “Police reformTo accommodate BLM.

Why still show up at work when your loud minority and the media make life miserable and the politicians abandon you?

Or as an Atlanta police officer said:
Police officers in Atlanta refuse to show up and leave work. The province will go and find out for itself. If you want a society without police, we will give you that. And watch it go up in flames! ”


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"Duterte's quote"

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