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Australia is sick of it and is taking action

Spread the freedom!

Stop Mandatory Vaccines and Testing!

Earlier we reported that in France there is a MOBILIZATION ORDER is issued to all citizens to fulfill their civic duty. Whether or not with the help of (a part of) the army. 

The country is oppressed, fundamental rights are violated and the people revolt. To what extent will this succeed and is it serious? Knowing the French it's better to take it seriously. And does attempt one fail? Then comes attempt two.

Have we ever thought about participating as Dutch and Belgians? I asked the same question to a number of Spanish colleagues. This will have a huge effect and they will also come to your country if needed. This is about US. Humanity! We'll get to that.

Thousands of truck drivers in Australia will go on strike for 24 hours this Friday

But there is a country where the dictatorship and the corona rules are even more ridiculous but where the population does not have much experience with mass demonstrations.

That country is Australia.

And if there's one country where the rules and the way things are are so ridiculous that it would make you laugh out loud it wouldn't have been true, it's Australia.

And Australia is also sick and tired of this dictatorship. Truckers have reported rioting. Sections of the public and other companies/sectors have reported (via social media) to join.

The mainstream media is already spinning and of course the governments come out as "The Good Guys" and the people who have never misbehaved and just want to live their lives are the "culprits". The dangerous ones.

Oh, how we all hate the media and oh how we wait for the day when they all come to hang, one by one. scum.

That must then be the "watchdog" between the people and politics. It has turned out to be the falsely trained pit bull of politics.

It is puking how anyone who opposes these degrading measures is being labeled as “rogue” or “rogue” and “selfish” by the media. (source) (source)

With this, the media also try to make a fiasco of this action in advance.

Just wait… Your time will come.

The message is serious and clear and although we cannot see into the future, let's hope for a resounding success. And completely ignore anyone who speaks shame about it!

They, the stupid ones, have no idea that this is vital for them too. They even unconsciously participate in it. It would never have happened without them.

It won't do much at once, such an action. But it's a step. A big step for Australia. The tone is set.

Block highways

Truck drivers have vowed to block major highways and disrupt food supplies to protest Covid lockdowns and vaccine mandates as drivers from abroad offered hacks to perform the stunt. 

Tensions flared within the industry over some jurisdictions that imposed vaccination requirements for authorized workers crossing state lines.

Those involved in the rally launched a GoFundMe Page to financially support truck drivers when they strike by "blocking every highway that enters every state at once."

The GoFundMe site appears to have been censored away. That too. No shortage of collaborators.

Read the mafia media:

According to the Daily Mail: "Outraged Australians rejected the 'selfish' plot that could leave millions of families in Covid lockdowns across the country without vital goods."

The Dailymail pulls some pathetic quotes from social media. Meaningless because you can place just as many that look at it slightly differently. But you're a little toddler to them. And you will take it too (I tell the people who dutifully do as they are told).

Read for yourself how the media create an illusion in which the uninformed, and downright stupid citizens, should garden and also garden.

These are the tear-jerkers:


Oh, oh, oh…, what an “objective” media.

Not a word about the dictatorship blowing over the country. Not a word about the despair people live in. We have all seen how females and the elderly with children get screwed. Just one side of the story. 600 days long. Actually for decades, but during these crucial times they have turned their backs on us.

Incarceration, mandatory vaccines, quarantine camps, tearing families apart, hitting, violence, curfews, not being allowed to touch. Sex is no longer allowed. Only look at each other and masturbate, preferably with a mouth cap. Yes, it is actually a government recommendation.

Australia has gone mad: No sex, just masturbate please!

They are Gestapo practices, NAZI practices. And not a word has been said too much.

If there's one thing I hate, it's people who use such words incorrectly. Just like the word conspiracy has a completely different meaning than what most people think. You can read how and when they use it.

In the Netherlands (and the rest of the world) you are a NAZI or a FASCIST when you strive for democracy. When you seek power back to the citizens. To referendums. Towards a peaceful society based on common sense. That's equally fascist, isn't it? 

It's no exaggeration that I've been called NAZI hundreds of times in just a few years. It doesn't bother me much. But who turn out to be the real NAZIS?

We don't invent curfews, distancing rules, medical apartheid, taking away fundamental rights, closing the whole place unnecessarily and downright stupid shameless sex advice.

Who are the fascists here? Can you tell me?

The idiotic stupid corona religions just don't want to and can't see people. “Yes, but the old faithful television, they don't just say that, do they? I've known them for years?”.

No, you don't know them and they know nothing more than the layout of the studio and the gossip that is talked into each other to score ratings. Think!

TV viewers, they grow into it. Growing up in a dictatorship, they are too naive to realize it and too misinformed because they have no idea what else is going on in the world. They even call for it. “Lock us up!”

And then there is another group that is starting to see it a bit but don't give a damn.

UNTIL…it hits them. And then it is too late and you only do it out of self-interest and not to want to do the right thing.


That people do it to themselves is their choice. But putting your child in the death row without even understanding it?

Ask them what's in the vaccine and they'll look at you like you've gone mad.

"Oh sorry. I was wondering because you have a child and you might want to know what you have injected into your child and how many victims have already fallen without being warned! I'm sorry I'm so rude!"

And wouldn't the only direct way out, namely the vaccine, be the direct way to "freedom"?

Syringe number 3 is coming people! And number 4 too. And number 5 too. And no, you will never get out of here. The variants have already been written down and they can go on for years to come. Until a generation doesn't know any better. Who are to blame? Those who didn't open their mouths when they saw it and the stupid ones who refused to listen.

You will remain stuck in this until you give in to the facts and figures and see and declare that there is no pandemic and that you radiate that and act on it. And your children will not thank you for that.

And DON'T say YOU ARE NOT WARNED! You were the one who called us conspiracy theorists! We don't have to be right for the honour. Every person becomes wiser by listening to others and taking it seriously. You are only a guy or a top woman if you often go on your mouth and admit it and learn from it.

But most of "you" see it as a competition. You can't compare this to WWII because there are no gas chambers. What kind of reasoning is that? Crossing out the wrongs of WWII against atrocities that have not yet been carried out? Although essentially they have been performed for a long time but in a different way.

Stop testing! Don't give them nonsense numbers!

Stock up on food

In the video circulating on social media, the man is warning Australians to rush to supermarkets and buy food “for the next two weeks” as supply chains would be disrupted.



The Transport Workers Union (TWU) said the protest was not sanctioned by their organization, but it could understand why truck drivers were tired of the pandemic. She does. Cowardly of TWU, but they'll come.

TWU National Secretary Michael Kaine told NCA NewsWire trucks that they were fed up with the federal and state governments.

“Trucks are the backbone of the Covid response, dealing with border chaos and closed roadside restaurants”said Mr. Kaine.

“They are angry for a legitimate reason. The current testing regime forces them to wait many hours, eating in the already scarce time that should be used to earn an income.”

Toll's president of the Global Express division Alan Beacham said the company had made a generous offer, was committed to further discussion and urged the union to go back to the negotiating table "and sign this deal".

“By now the federal government really should have developed a more flexible and faster testing regime that recognizes the realities of long-haul freight transportation.”

“This would make life a lot easier for people who are already having a hard time due to the pandemic.”

pandemic. Not a dog yet dies proverbially from the fairytale invisible Covid19 virus, which is actually a coronavirus that we have been living with for 20 years. (source)

But the basis of everything is not the “test proofs” or “positive negotiations”. It is mainly about the MANDATORY VACCINES THAT HAVE NO SCIENTIFIC BASIS AND ARE DANGEROUS! And there is no discussion about that. It is an attack, a genocide with a shot that has NOT been approved by the FDA and has already cost more victims than all vaccines in the last 100 years combined. No, that's not an "exaggeration". I wish it was true.

In Australia, toll drivers will be on strike for 24 hours, with the TWU saying the decision to take drastic action was taken after the company “refused to withdraw its attack on jobs, rights and entitlements during crisis talks” after months of failed discussions, and warned it would disrupt food and fuel supplies this weekend.

Another development that threatens to throw a spanner in the works of an already chaotic supply chain affected by Covid (measures ed.) are truck drivers at Linfox and its subsidiary Bevchain who are applying for protected action on Wednesday. “about similar attacks on job security, including seeking to bring in new workers at second-tier rates”the union says.

More than 15.000 trucks are now headed for strikes, the TWU says. (source)

You saw this coming from miles away. CSTV does not exist for nothing. In February 2019, when things seemed to be going GOOD, you already saw this coming. The plans were already there, but then you were still completely a conspiracy theorist, while you showed official documents and based your explanation or story on that.

Stock up on canned food? That's not fun, no. Certainly not. But hey, you still have Netflix, right?

We do not lack canned food here. A good friend and also the person who selflessly helped me to set up this website woke me up very quickly.

It's not fun, no. But sometimes you have to choose. A bad option or a devastating option. But that is for many incomprehensible because of the indoctrinated political correctness.

Kind of like impeaching Assad but not thinking about who to replace him. We have seen what the west has created.

Radical Police

A spokesman for the radicalized police of NSW (North South Wales) who are anything but professional said the police were aware of the planned protest.


Yes, a police officer is there to protect the citizen, to apply violence in a professional manner when it is really necessary and to be a point of contact for the citizen where the citizen feels safe.

What a cop isn't is a twisted fighting machine with no spine and no empathy it “Order is Order” principle, at any cost. Those are healers.

“NSW Police will continue to conduct Operation STAY AT HOME to ensure compliance with public health regulations”, they said.

This is the same police going door to door in NSW because of 1 “coronadode” aged 72 who actually died of something completely different. Door to door to see if you are still present and not walking around as a DANGEROUS PERSON.

It is a serious crime and the fact that the police lend themselves to it is incomprehensible. The police dogs have more decency than the officers themselves. What a mockery. What a shame. And how much will they be judged, because you can bet that this will turn against them at some point. I have always said that I am positive about the outcome and I am, but the road to it will be very hard. Softly expressed.


It may well be that it won't be long before France will receive the support of thousands of Dutch, Belgians, Spaniards and Germans and so will happen in other countries.

The French never stop and will generate a lot of sympathy. And if we lend them a hand, we can count on them too. As chauvinistic as they are, everyone knows it just have to get the ball rolling.

Shall we all ignore the sheep (useless in this situation, only provide frustration and flies with a mouth cap and safely go to Hans in the bank with every cough), get rid of those terrible social media and start forming an international front? Or just immediately ignore ANYONE who doesn't have a serious argument?

We are going to campaign against this big tech and we will set an example ourselves.

Visit the forums (fora). View the conversations. Join the conversations. Point it out to us. Are they other languages, we all speak them if we have to. Join. Is there something you know you are good at, join us! Join the conversations. Spreads GOOD information.

Something must be done NOW. They can pick me up, but it's already a multi-headed dragon whose head can't be cut off. But that dragon has to start spitting.

I am convinced that the (sincere) scientists also agree that this is a hoax. That that consensus is there.

And we need each other! All of us. Left or right? Does not matter. Background is irrelevant. Only one realization is needed: Realize that we are all fighting the same enemy.

Yes. Take to the street. Find each other. Enter forums (fora). Ask people here for help. Ask people elsewhere for help. Join hands. A complete stranger will be a better friend within 5 minutes than that scaredy-cat you've been with all your life.

And STOP TESTING. Stop following the measures.

It's so damn simple. It starts with you. I've always thought about that. Whatever happens. NEVER in my life wearing a mouth mask, not even to try. No social distancing. It's so simple when everyone realizes it starts with themselves. Some who start with it will have to take some blows. But the front behind them catches that. It is war. The greatest psychological war ever involving the most heinous crimes against humanity.

We can do this!  And if strikes like this one cause inconvenience or perhaps danger, very much, but then weigh it against the disadvantages of doing nothing at all. And not the other way around like the media does to mislead you.

It will be the Rockefellers, Gates and the floppy ear it will be a big worry how many people die (the more the better), but not us. And their weak point include the governments. They carry out the plans in their Devil's heads for power and money.

Media and governments. They are their instruments. We must take them away. the people and families who should have been eliminated 75 years ago. Because really, there are only a few. And they can't tear a newspaper in half. The rest perform but are anything but leaders or real men.

What does the AIVD actually think of this? Am I a terrorist or a potential terrorist? What does the military think about this? Are all those faults possessed by evil too? All on the shot? You also have a family and children, right? Do you also see what is happening? And our “King”? Where is your self worth. Your integrity?

Have a nice weekend in advance!

I thought: Let's start the weekend cheerfully.

I want my freedom back. The people want their freedom back. Our Dutch sovereignty must be returned to avoid all this misery.

Am I angry? No not at all. I am FURIOUS!!!

We let ourselves be peeped by a couple of jokers in suits.

Good luck, Australia.

Once the most beautiful country on Earth. We want that again! We are better than this.

Spread the freedom!

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