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Belgians fleeing compulsory corona test - Justice: “crime against national health”

You have tax evaders and now ... corona test evaders.

Since yesterday morning, a couple from Belgium have been searched for who left the Barbanza district hospital to avoid having to undergo a mandatory PCR to confirm or rule out positive tests for the coronavirus.

The woman was feeling unwell but had symptoms consistent with COVID19, according to the hospital. The woman herself and her husband thought differently.

These people were reluctant to be tested for one of the weakest flu viruses ever in history. The patience of the population against this irrational circus has come to an end.

One is now suspected of one "Crime against public health". (source)


This has been confirmed by health and police sources, who have added that these people are not currently located.

The Belgians have run off and it is hoped that they have left the country by now.

Both Ribeira local police and others security forces in the region are aware to try to find the pair.

Their symptoms could be compatible with covid-19, so they would need to undergo a PCR to confirm the diagnosis.

However, they left before undergoing the test, which triggered the protocol to try to locate them.

From the Sanidade Department, the facts were brought to the attention of both law enforcement agencies and the Epidemioloxy Service.


Spain is so often incorrectly called the most affected country by the media and politicians. It certainly is not. It concerns the number of deaths per million inhabitants.

But the adult NPO viewers cannot reach it nor is it explained to them.

Spain has only 608 corona deaths per million inhabitants. Brazil, which everyone is talking about, only 443.

But thanks to the media every sheep speaks, we are sorry to say so but this madness is going to blow your throat, about how bad it is in Brazil.

In Brazil, they have only 443 corona deaths per million inhabitants. The UK 680, but as you read further in this article, you can take some off because the government has committed fraud with the numbers.

Spain is also doing better than Belgium where, although it seems high, only 849 corona deaths per million people are registered. These figures come from their own official sources:

Spain is doing fine, and it also owes a lot of deaths to Mr Sánchez, who is responsible for placing healthy people between corona patients in old people's homes and care homes. If you do that with the flu, the consequences are just as fatal. These murders were also perpetrated by Cuomi in New York, because the virus does not shoot up and does not become a pandemic. So then you lend it a hand.

In England they try to boost the figure to get them back into the lockdown there. If you get tested positive there in March, with the extremely dubious tests, and you end up under a car in May and you die ... you're a corona dead. See this short contribution (Dutch subtitles).

All these numbers above are not accurate. We know that in Armenia, for example, people receive € 150 when they allow a deceased loved one or family member to be registered as a COVID19 dead, but we cannot publicly substantiate this because those involved are at great risk.

But it all works out by itself. Everything comes out. This whole pandemic is one big smoke screen. We are talking about a virus that, in the meantime 8 months, so in fact 2 flu seasons, only killed half a million elderly people. As an extra push in more than 90% of the cases. Not as the ultimate cause of death. It's a shame that they keep counting.

And the exceptions are of course magnified. In Spain, people are again starting to show body bags at the hospitals at the MSM.

This coronavirus does not exist the way it is presented and is even less of a pandemic.

They would like to, but it hasn't turned out and however they mess with the numbers. It just doesn't get along. They wanted to see so many more deaths.

COVID-19. Nicely made up. We like this theory:
Ovid in Latin for sheep. The C for controlled. COVID19 patient: Checked Sheep 2019.

There are a number of people who laugh at the madness they have created themselves. When they say you have to put a cap on your butt, half the world takes part in that too. But they are not going to do that, because it is not harmful to our health and therefore has no purpose. Covering your mouth and nose does shorten the average years of life, so there is logic behind these satanists.

Please let the Netherlands be the first country to put an end to this total madness once and for all.


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