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Brazilian President Bolsonaro wants date to end mask use

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Brazilian President Bolsonaro wants date to end mask use

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro said on Monday he will ask his health minister to set a date to end the use of face masks. This is because, according to him, it is not a means to reduce the transmission of COVID-19 in Brazil.

The media make followers who can't see beyond their noses (sorry, it is true) that there is a lot going on in Brazil. So many infections and deaths. But there is nothing more or less going on than the decades before. Only the unnecessary tests make a mess of the country. Bolsano believes that the masks should be removed because they are the only elements present that still cause a so-called dangerous virus to drink.

He thinks it's a psychologically inferior trick.

The media is pretending that Brazil is suffering from the “corona crisis”. The reality is that the country has 211 million people and Belgium fared much worse, if we go along with the official story of this fairy tale.

But what do the media write: “With more than 570.000, Brazil has reached the highest death toll after the US.”

That is factually correct, yes. But this is where the media context ends. They do not tell you how to put this in the right context and what the situation was with the figures in the years before. That gone flu?

These numbers are meaningless without context. How many people die per 0 or per million? This is important. Then Brazil suddenly appears in the second row.

Just like in the US, the flu has suddenly disappeared in Brazil. The flu caused the same number of victims as the so-called corona.

They can finally finish!

Take off mouth caps

In the radio interview, the president argued that masks are not necessary, as much of the population has already been vaccinated or contracted the virus.

But TV epidemiologists say it's too early for such a move, even though these so-called epidemiologists know full well that such a cap does more harm than good.

But mainly because of the rise of the “Delta variant” in Brazil, people are trying to drive the people crazy again. Although almost 60% of the Brazilian population has received the first dose, only 25% has been fully vaccinated.

Bolsorano calls for peace and just to start reading as they lived before this crisis. They would soon find out, especially the unvaccinated, that nothing had happened at all.

Bolsonaro said he had also ordered an investigation into the use of masks to recommend an end to their widespread use.

The stories that Brazil is “doing so badly” is based on nothing but the sheer population of Brazil

Bolsoaro said he hopes a date can be set later Monday for ending the widespread use of masks.

However, such a move could prove largely moot, as states and municipalities are free to set their own COVID-19 restrictions in Brazil. Any federal government stance on this issue would likely serve as a guideline only, though it would be a win for Bolsonaro.

Bolsonaro wants to impeach Supreme Court judge

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro last night asked the Senate to initiate impeachment proceedings against a Supreme Court judge.

This judge had opened an investigation against Bolsonaro for his statements about the elections.

Senate Speaker Rodrigo Pacheco confirmed receipt of the request to impeach Alexandre de Moraes, one of the XNUMX Supreme Court justices. He assured that he would analyze the request, but that such a mechanism "should not be abused".

Pacheco further said that he “would not yield to an attack aimed at dividing Brazil”.

On August 4, Moraes was supposed to open an investigation against Bolsonaro for spreading false information through his repeated and baseless attacks against the Brazilian electoral system. It is very similar to the situation in America when Trump won the election. An ongoing witch hunt for this man.

And Bolserano does not want electoral woes in his country. He knows the west would rather see him go than come, but he keeps his back straight.

In order to make the election more secure, Bolsonaro wants a receipt printed after every electronic vote to allow a recount in the event of a dispute.

A measure that the Brazilian Supreme Court rejected, because printing would pose risks of manipulation.

Jair Bolsenaro

Bolsorano popular

Bolsonaro's popularity has grown because of his handling of the corona crisis. It is a fact that more and more people are waking up and not that more and more people are going to sleep. It's a one-way street. Polls show he would lose out to former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva if he decided to join the fray, but the streetscape shows something quite different. These same polls were also completely wrong in the previous election and Bolsonaro won the presidency.

The media in Brazil is just as bad, if not worse.

During the crisis, Bolsenaro banned the media from reporting the so-called Covid deaths on a daily basis. “We don't do that every year with the flu, do we? That is downright outrageous!”.

Tonight they can go wild again about the "extreme right" Bolserano. Ann02021 you are the extreme right if your opinion differs. Even if you want to help immigrants and you stand for referendums and power back to the people… go against the guidelines of the EU and the WHO and you are far right.


It remains special that they call this man "far" or "extreme" right. Perhaps a little more conservative and humane.

More Bolserano:

In these short articles you will get to know the man a little. We could really use a man like that here.

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