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BREAKING: Pennsylvania at your fingertips for Donald Trump

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Judge Pennsylvania Judges: Elections Unconstitutional

Pennsylvania and the other states are likely to fall into Donald Trump's pocket because the Democrats have flouted the laws by introducing mail-in-votes.

The Democratic policymakers did not ask permission, broke the law and got caught. A judge declares that the law has not been complied with by changing the rules of the election. Post votes submitted late are illegal and in principle the Republican State-Legislators (state legislators) have the green light to give the election to Trump.

We know that's where the most fraudulent votes are and Trump will win by a big lead in Pennsylvania.

This alone will most likely reverse the election results. Still, Trump and his direct or indirect partners are not done with Pennsylvania. But we want to know the truth and there are several cases, including fraud. These types of people should also be prosecuted.

This lawsuit was not even directly filed by the Trump Team. It was Republican Sean Parnell and Congressman Mike Kelly in Pennsylvania who filed this case. It won't change anything right away, and the Pennsylvania Supreme Court is made up of 5 Democrats and 1 Republican. Yet this is very important.

Biden is enjoying all that momentum so far thanks to the rush of the media to anoint him. The media cartel waited 34 days in 2000 for Al Gore to resume legal proceedings, but stated that it was all over after 10 days despite (or rather because of) the huge legal battle that was coming.

Hearings in the other states will begin on December 1.

Mike kelly

Judge rules elections illegal

In Pennsylvania, Judge McCulloch issued a court order two days ago to stop the certification of votes. 

The media translated that into: "Trump Loses Appeals in Pennsylvania." 

The CNN: Humiliating Defeat.

Isn't it crazy? Those media? And they put us in one conspiracy list.


The judge has written down the reasons for her decision in an Memorandum Opinion.

In extraordinarily clear language, the Democratic judge states that: "The modified Pennsylvania absentee and postal votes were unconstitutional, unconstitutional, and invalid because they violate the requirements of the Pennsylvania Constitution."

The reason for the warrant is "from overriding demands raised in this case which are of concern statewide and nationally ”. (source) (source)

"The petitioners seem to be successful because the Constitution does not provide a mechanism for the legislature to extend absenteeism voting without constitutional amendment", Judge McCullough wrote.

When issuing an emergency warrant, judges should consider whether the Republicans will win or not "Succeed on merit".

McCullough believed that the “The petitioners appear to have a viable claim that the mail-in-ballot box procedures set out in Law 77 violate the plain language of the provision of the Pennsylvania Constitution dealing with absenteeism voting.



It is not clear how many votes this is exactly, but we know that this will bring Pennsylvania to Donald Trump.

No judgment

This is no judgment , but a memorandum explaining the reasons for the injunction. The evidence has yet to be fully presented. The Judge carefully explains at the end that there would be damage done by casting 7 million votes of the population of Pennsylvania, but it doesn't hurt to wait until December 8 (the safe harbor date) to consider the evidence.

The verdict of this democratic judge has a huge impact as the PA court is stopping the certification of the results.

The judge also found that government officials violated the State Act, namely by allowing mail-in votes without having obtained legal permission.

This would invalidate any votes sent by post after the original legal deadline.

In short, the governor, election officials, and other top government actors changed the rules regarding the election without the approval of the Pennsylvania legislature. This makes it unconstitutional according to her.

A higher court can (and probably will) “rule” this. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has 5 Democratic justices and 1 Republican. It's about the narrative of the media and the Democrats and Donald Trump's path to justice.

This can be continued in other states. The state legislature is responsible for the elections and none other than SCOTUS last.

Steve Turley explains it well in the video.

The narrative of the media and the Democrats is mainly censorship, denouncing everything as “without evidence” and creating an illusion as if it all had no chance. This case has also been wrongly called a "loss to Trump." There are many more people fighting against this coup than Donald Trump's team alone.

Additional source:

Listen to Dr. Steve Turley who explains well how this situation will develop further along the ways of the law. 

Fake Media & Twitter Censorship

The last 2 days the fake media flooded us again with “news" about Donald Trump and all his lost causes. This week he "lost" again on appeal in Pennsylvania.

Unfounded claims of false claims everywhere. Witnesses who declare the most horrible things under oath are simply ignored or are personally pressured by the media digging into their lives. It's to puke.

Many articles do not even describe which case is involved. It's pure Trump hatred.

Trump Derangement Syndrome is real. In the Netherlands we have Chris Aalberts who suffers from Baudet Derangement Syndrome.

Twitter also struck again. Twitter has Wednesday Senator's personal account Doug Mastriano, a Republican, suspended after lawmakers held a hearing on election issues at his request.

Mastriano said on the matter for the first time on Friday: “This censorship is unacceptable in America. A nation that I have served for most of my adult life ..."

RTL headline even: “Lack of evidence!”. Nowhere to read. An empty statement. They have no idea what they are talking about.

Up to this point, the media has not yet reported on it and in fact, completely IGNORE it.

Therefore ... IGNORE THE MEDIA!



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