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CNN wants to silence conservative media


We are sick of the censorship of the mainstream media. Everything and everyone wants to be silenced. But thinking logically ahead, one could still conclude that this is only counterproductive.

They have power and they have their name but one thing these thrill transmitters are missing. Namely: The Truth!

Newsmax TV has experienced strong growth since the 2020 election, causing Fox News ratings to decline. But its growth has sparked censorship led by CNN.

A CNN reporter recently pressured cable providers to stop broadcasting Newsmax, blaming Newsmax for the violation of the US Capitol on January 6. CNN's finger. Hilarious.

CNN alleged that Newsmax was involved in "Election denial" by reporting on allegations of election fraud. And former Facebook official Alex Stamos on CNN's Sunday media show insisted censorship and said that Newsmax and another news channel, One America News, “Have freedom of speech, but I'm not sure we need Verizon, AT&T, Comcast and the like. in tens of millions of houses. ”

Fakenews channel CNN on the referee's seat. What a world?

Only one cable provider responded to CNN. CenturyLink said it was committed to offering "A variety of broadcast channels covering thousands of topics" and that it “Does not endorse specific media or outlets, but instead supports viewer access and choice”.

We put Century on the right list.

Newsmax on its way to getting bigger than CNN

The Epoch Times contacted the cable providers who messaged CNN and asked if they had considered removing Newsmax or CNN. CenturyLink was the only provider to respond with the same statement. (source)

Newsmax told The Epoch Times in an emailed statement: Newsmax is disappointed that CNN, which has a long history of misreporting and collusion with the Steele File and Russian Collusion Reporting, is pushing cable companies to remove Newsmax from their platforms. “

“CNN's real reason is to take out Newsmax as a competitor. Newsmax is now the 4th highest rated cable news channel and Newsmax is clearly on track to catch up with CNN in ratings, ”she added.

“It's clearly not about editorial concerns, but about removing a new competitor for cable news. “

One America News told The Epoch Times via email that executives are discussing CNN's censorship internally and consulting with their attorneys.

CNN did not respond to a request for comment.

Youtube also participates in the censorship. While Newsmax is still online, many videos come with a ridiculous warning that the content may be “inappropriate”.

We don't need to mention that out of all media outlets like Newsmax and OANN, they try their best to spread the truth, etc., are not hypocritical by not being honest about what they stand for. It is, in our view, the media of the future.

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Whistleblower on CNN's political agenda


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