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Christians kidnapped and murdered in Turkey

The last Christians from the village of Kovankaya in southeastern Turkey were kidnapped by unknown persons in January.

The woman was found on March 20, covered in snow and ice. Murdered.

Her body was in a channel. The man is still missing.

On Saturday afternoon, January 11, unknown persons had kidnapped Hurmuz Diril and his wife Simoni from their home in the village of Kovankaya in southeastern Turkey.

People spent a long time in the dark about where they had left off.

Their son Remzi Diril, who is a priest of the Catholic Church in Istanbul, came to visit the village on Sunday, January 12, 2020 and found the house empty. No one could give him any information about his parents' whereabouts.

Hurmuz (71) and his wife (65) had returned about 10 years ago to live in their village in Southeast Turkey. They were the LAST CHRISTIANS in the village. They never wanted to leave, despite all the pressures and dangers.

Dikran Ego, from the Turkish Assyria TV, gave in SCEPTR the following response:

"There is an organized attack on Christians of the Aramean, Chaldean Catholic and Assyrian churches in Turkey. Everything is happening again to chase the indigenous inhabitants away. ” (source)

“In recent months, Christians in Turkey have been SYSTEMATICALLY ATTACKED. This through arson, robbery, deprivation of liberty, threats, kidnappings and murder. ”, said Dikran Ego.

This mainly concerns Christians who have returned from EUROPE to their villages in Sirnak, Hakari, Tur Abdin and Tur Izlo in Turkey.

"So many attacks on innocent Christian civilians in a short time cannot be a COUNT.", according to Dikran Ego.

In the summer of 2019 there was a FIRE RISING in the area from Mirde, Zafaran to Tur Izlo.

On January 9, 2020, three Christians were ARRESTED, including the monk Aho and Josef Yar, the Christian mayor of the village of Arkah.

And now, recently, the kidnapping and murder of a priest's mother.

Dikran: "I think it is not necessary to look far for the attackers, we all know that there are no Japanese or Indians living around us, but Kurds and other peoples."

"A neighbor in the village at first did not tell us that my parents had been kidnapped for fear of retaliation, but later confirmed that 'they had been taken by armed men.", Says son Remzi Diril, "

Thanks to SCEPTR this story has also come to our attention. Read the extensive articles here:


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