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Christmas is definitely going to be 'different than usual', the two-headed snake

From Wednesday November 4 22.00 hours and the next two weeks all Dutch people should ask themselves:

Do I really have to go outside? Or can it be different?

If you go out with more than 1 friend, you will be fined.

So group formation is only allowed in the form of 2 people.

So we're going from 4 to 2.

At home you can receive two people.

So we're going from 3 to 2.

All public facilities will be closed and the catering industry stays close.

So museums, zoos, theaters, community centers, amusement parks etc. are CANNOT longer accessible for the public.

Strangely enough, hairdressers are allowed to stay open. Where is the logic in this whole story? But a grumpy ear who pays attention to that.

If the measures are not properly adhered to, one will follow curfew.

The program also includes the secondary school must close.

You cannot travel until mid-January, because the entire world map is already colored orange or red.

You can pack your bags to the Caribbean, because according to Rutte that is not abroad.

Enforcement prevents strict action asosRutte adds.

He thinks there are more attention and interest should be evident among themselves. Because there is a lack of this in this country, Rutte reproaches us before giving the floor to Hugocaust.


Hugo managed to report the virus in 600 nursing homes has gotten a foot in the door.

Christmas will be different than usual because, says Satan, that's how we see it for us.

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