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We lose much more than our prosperity!

At the moment, the world is largely divided into two groups.

There is the group that is concerned about the virus, but is not directly disadvantaged by it and is mainly limited in freedoms. And there is the group that is hit hard by the same virus.

Not only in the restriction in freedoms, but also financially. The latter group has difficulty accepting the measures.

That makes sense, because it puts her at a considerable disadvantage. Many of the people in this group investigate themselves, because they want to know for sure whether the measures that undermine their whole lives are now necessary, and that they encounter a lot of missing, missing, contradictory, but also disappearing suddenly. information.

Obviously this creates the suspicion that something is being withheld.

The first group mentioned appears to be more affected and attacked by the affected group than by the virus. They are put away as crazy and conspiracy thinkers. But is that justified?

Are these people not just fighting for their skin, for their existence, for everything they have built, which is now beaten under their feet in a short time?

Is it right to dismiss the anger and sorrow of these people as nagging? Isn't this a great lack of understanding and empathy?

In any case, it does not lead to connection, but to polarization. Friends, family who oppose you and do not support you in your struggle, but put you away as a conspiracy thinker and speak to you about it or even make fun of it. You not only lose your wealth, but also your environment.

Do people actually realize how hard this affects a very large group of people? Not really. They think they are right on their side, that the government is always reliable and that you are looking for something behind everything

But why is there so much censoring?

Why are possible and already widely tested solutions like HCQ and zinc dismissed as quackery, when thousands of doctors say they save a lot of lives with this?

And why does our government do this when they say they do not want to sit in the doctors' chair? And why is vaccination the only solution?

Many doctors do not agree with this at all, but they are systematically removed from Social Media.

Even Maurice de Hond is taken from YouTube with a video - in which he expresses his suspicion that you can hardly be infected outside and substantiates this well - from YouTube?

Who orders this? And why does this necessarily have to be? And why is vaccination mandatory? You can only infect people who are not vaccinated? Isn't that a threat to people who are vaccinated?

There is still a big difference between the two groups.

The group that feels so disadvantaged is also aware of the other arguments and sincerely regularly has doubts. "Could it be ...?"

That is not surprising, because you can not open a newspaper, or turn on television and you are flooded with confirmation of your wrong.

And also on Social Media it is increasingly difficult to find diversity through censorship. You are being practiced quite wrong.

However, usually through suspicions and expectations, but rarely with facts, because nobody seems to really know.

We have been sweating the ether with it for months, from none to mouth masks, you may or may not be contaminated by air or objects, it may or may not come from a bat, Sweden may or may not be doing better than us , we should or shouldn't have an intelligent lockdown, is the death count of today or last month and what does that mean, and so on and so forth.

With full certainty, we simply are not sure. And every time, the same virologists sit at the same tables without contradiction to discuss the same themes, but the theme always boils down to the same thing: mandatory vaccination and it will never return to normal without a shot.

And it is swallowed like sweet cake.

It does not matter that there are many suspicions that this could be driven by the pharmaceutical industry, or that it is very coincidental that a large-scale global test was carried out with exactly the same virus that also came from China two months before the pandemic , that the leader of the WHO (Tedros) has a highly questionable record of covering up Cholera outbreaks three times and the violent crackdown on demonstrations, that the name Bill gates pops up in every involved organization and he also the greatest beneficiary of a vaccine will be, or worse that it may have to do with a new world order that wants more control over an oversized world population with far too much of its own opinion.

The whole discussion is not about whether you believe this. The point is that it can indeed be true that there are quite a few serious clues and suspicious things to take on the table that are ignored.

Isn't it really arrogant and numb to put people who are in need and want to know what is really true as crazy.

Because for the time being, the pandemic fear does not seem to stop and the damage is already enormous. Then you can be very sure of your case and then you can also come up with real facts to disprove it.

Imagine judges deciding to judge because they think they are sure of their case and not because they have evidence. This is the reason that there must be a tribunal and that it must be investigated to the bottom.

Because if you imagine that you are wrong, the consequences are incalculable. And did you not like it or did you not want to see it?

Unfortunately, the doubts about who is right cannot be found in both groups, and that is the real reason that the groups have become so far apart.

But hopefully the world will repent and we will not only care about sick people, but we will finally see what is happening to a very large group of people at the moment, what the actual damage is and how this with sweet rolls in the form of a supplement to assistance level is baked by a government that has been labeled reliable by many.



Why are we doing this to ourselves? Why are we so incredibly stupid?

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