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Dear CommonSenseTV readers and viewers

Now that we are from YouTube blown away due to the serious crime of placing a speech by David Icke in London with Dutch subtitles, there is a little more time for other things and a little rest. That works well.

We have quite a few unanswered emails in the queue and emails with interesting submissions that we have yet to form a good article. Some are already there, others take time. Articles about the PCR test, Pedophilia in politics, among others, as possibly part of the WHO guidelines must be properly and substantiated. Shooting blanks is pointless and irresponsible. Exciting news is also coming from Spain.

Articles that are delivered ready-made, flawlessly, can be assured that they will be online within 1 to 2 days. People who come up with some material and an idea should understand that making an article about it takes a lot of time and that we don't always get around to it. Do you have any news that you want to publish yourself? Go to our Forum and post the videos, images and / or your article there. This is faster than by e-mail and we check every day whether there is something interesting to highlight. (We are not responsible for what is posted on the forum. We do moderate the forum.)

One person handles the emails. This is to guarantee the privacy of those who wish to do so.

Here's the forum:

You can also find the forum on the CSTV Homepage at the top of the categories bar.

We will also try again to approach the more well-known platforms that, unfortunately, do not always communicate or do not communicate smoothly, and keep the boat off. Something in my eyes is incomprehensible given the situation. It is also unfortunate that if you do not answer you will not get an explanation why not. Other platforms that try this also experience the same.

I suspect because of fear of their name that might become associated with us or others in their eyes. An underestimation of the alert supporters in my opinion, who are perfectly capable of distinguishing what they read, who it is from and how to absorb the information. When I see a good piece of NineforNews, what do I care if they also write articles that I don't agree with? When they generally do ...

You can compare that with the short-sighted comments about David Icke. Those comments: "Should we believe David Icke?" and then with a link below that you don't even have to click on anymore. You know it's about the reptile statement.

"What did you think of the content?"I always ask. You never get an answer.

I think that we really do live in an era where even average Dutch people suddenly have a wealth of knowledge at their disposal because of this information age and make use of it and are often better informed than more than 140 MPs.

What we all want to break through media censorship and bring the supporters together. Irrelevant whether it is Weltschmerz, CSTV, Jensen, Civil Front, A War Already Lost or viewers from other platforms.

If we are all so convinced of the urgency of this matter then it should have been a standard mechanism, in my opinion, that we should have set it up months ago. Everyone will understand if Jensen retweets or mentions a Tweet from Burgerfront, this channel immediately has new readers and viewers. That way you break through that censorship and you are all much more accessible to the public. The people, including us, will do the rest. And we all benefit in subscribers and traffic, which in turn is very beneficial to informing the citizens. The examples are arbitrary and we are not saying that exactly these platforms are unwilling. But they are there.

Maybe it has to do with finances? That can be a difference. We mainly work from activism and resistance. We have to rake in money to keep going and eat and sleep. But there is not exactly a plan behind it than just the urge to improve and expand.

Perhaps we are the idiots in that area and we could have grown and professionalized much faster.

That absolute independence. That is what matters to us and we will never give up.

For nobody. And also not for “sponsors” who want to “sponsor” thousands of euros with the condition that… Has been offered several times. Not going to happen here! This is for civilians.

That promise lasts forever. Unless they come with a million. But then we announce it and we start something VERY big together.

But we assume that this is the case with anyone who fights a fair fight against this total madness.

We will ask for the reason in our next attempts. Who knows, maybe something can be agreed.


We have regularly read emails and comments suggesting that we may have a beautiful website but it is rather confusing as a kind of dump site. Those who criticize this are certainly right.

We are going to change this. Adjust the design of the website in such a way that it is easy to find per category, writer and the exact subject without the half-working search function. We know what to do to make it interesting to have everything for you on certain topics at a glance.

And the CSTV platform will be improved and adapted in many more ways. The state will not be happy with us!

Thank you all for your support we have always been able to count on. Please keep doing that! You won't regret making us big.

CommonSenseTV - By citizens, for citizens!
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