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Deadly sick promo video: Pfizer abuses children to sell 'vaccine'

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Deception and manipulation

The media, schools, governments and the big pharma themselves all want to inject everyone, at any cost or human life. Good or bad. Governments MUST.

There is no turning back for these people who have sold their souls to Devilish creatures.

Disgusting promos are being made. Dancing with Jansen. Pino is vaccinated. hugo de Jonge shakes hands with children and encourages them to “do it for the others”. He shouts to little unconscious children: “Get vaccinated when the time comes, huh?”

But every time you think it couldn't get any worse...

Pfizer: “Vaccine makes you a superhero!”

Pfizer tells young children that their experimental mRNA covid injection will make them "superheroes" and give them "superpowers".

The Big Pharma giant released this sickening propaganda video for their “superhero syringe” last Monday.




Keeping repeating the absurd assumption that you are "helping others" by taking the syringe is a great example of turning a lie into a truth to turn people against each other. The average citizen takes over unquestioningly. If you repeat it often enough.

It is unreal that there are adults who fall for this. It is even more unreal that even the majority of adult people go along with this and it is even worse that some of the people also defend the media and politically bizarre narrative tooth and nail. Totally otherworldly

For me it will always remain the biggest issue in my life: “How can you not see it and what is the mindset of the people who believe all this?” I can not reach it. Especially not because it's so damn obvious.

Maddie De Garay

Back to July 2021. Maddie De Garay was also a "superhero". But she didn't get any superpowers. And no offense either.

Within 24 hours she developed abdominal pain, muscle aches and nerve pain that became unbearable and in the following two and a half months she was hospitalized three times, each with slightly longer stays than the last.

She developed additional symptoms such as gastroparesis, nausea and vomiting, irregular blood pressure and heart rate, memory loss (she mixes up words), brain fog, headache, dizziness, fainting (she fell and hit her head), and seizures. (source)

She ended up in a wheelchair.

How is Maddie now? More than 5 months later?

Beginning in July, she developed verbal and motor tics, loss of sensation from the waist down, muscle weakness, drastic changes in her vision, urinary retention and loss of bladder control, severely irregular heavy menstrual cycles, and eventually had to have an NG (feeding) tube inserted to provide nutrition. to get. All these symptoms are still there, and some days are worse than others. (source)

Steph de Garay, Maddie's mother, says: “There was nothing wrong with her. She was perfectly happy and now whatever happened has changed her.”

Almost 5 months after the vaccine they are still living in a nightmare without support from the medical community.

When things go wrong with children who are poked, it is denied by all stakeholders and swept under the rug.

The child must be silenced as much as possible and is no longer a victim but an enemy. A danger to their agenda. It's played that hard. (source)


Every effort is being made to ensure that people do not see the truth about this experimental gene therapy.

Youtube removes all videos of the young victim. You get a strike or you lose your channel immediately. For posting a child who was shot victim. Vimeo followed suit. (source)

Her mother wanted to warn people via television in October. These are not side effects that will pass. It has ruined a child's life.

Comcast initially agreed. But Comcast is also in the pocket of the psychopaths. It was canceled a minute before it was supposed to air.

Who would have called Comcast that last minute?


Maddie is just one of many "superhero" kids used by the super-villains like Pfizer to test their experimental mRNA injection and then completely ignore troubled kids, ignoring and denying the vaccine is anything like that. causes.


Mother guest at Tucker Carlson

Maddie's mother was a guest at Tucker Carlson's and spoke of her 12-year-old daughter who suffers from extreme reactions and nearly died after volunteering for the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine trial. (source)

Maddie's mother will testify at the FDA's VRBPAC meeting on Pfizer data on Oct. 26.

Who doesn't want to hear...

It may sound harsh, but this mom has been burying her head in the sand for nearly two years. 

And even if you are misled by the media and politics, everyone hears about the other side of the story and has the chance to do research. This “vaccine” is life-threatening and you don't need to do a thorough investigation to find out. If you don't do that, especially as a mother and endanger your child, then you are not a good mother, I think. Then you are a very irresponsible mother.

It only comes in when it happens to them themselves.

Of course you also feel sorry for her mother who now suddenly wants to do the right thing. But poor Maddie. She had no awake mother.

We can get our chests wet for the next few months. The pandemic is the “vaccine”. Created to fight against the also created “invisible enemy”. Literal.

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