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Democrats block economic bailout TWICE

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The Democrats have fired Trump's "Emergency Relief Package," worth $ 2.000 billion (!) For US citizens and businesses.

In the plan, Americans would receive a basic income of $ 1000 / month for a short duration, plus a single benefit of $ 2000.

Why did the Democrats scupper the plan?

Because not enough attention and money went to diversity and climate:

Nancy Pelosi presented her 1400-page counter-budget for the plan, which featured the word “diversity” 31 times, demanded that emergency personnel be hired on diversity and disability quotas, and that money would be made available against climate change.

Some of the Democratic electorate and even people in the Left Wing of the Party are outraged by the Democrats' stubbornness. That will certainly lead to Trump winning the upcoming election, on November 5, 2020, by an even bigger margin than predicted so far.

Sources: Tim Pool: 'Democrats stab America in the back'

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