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Denmark takes away 3rd ISIS terrorist citizenship

The Danish government took another IS terrorist's passport last week.

This is already the 3rd IS fighter who had to hand in his Danish passport and left Denmark in a very short time. (source)

It was only over a month ago (end of October) that the Danish parliament passed a law that made it a lot easier to take passports from foreigners who fought with terrorist organizations.

Over the past month, the Danes have applied the new law directly to these three criminals.

A 25-year-old Kurd with the initials SK was the first Dane to lose his nationality and to surrender his passport after he announced that he had fought for IS.

Shortly thereafter, a 30-year-old woman was also taken away from her Danish nationality and is now in a Kurdish prison.

The identity of the 3rd person has not yet been announced.

Source: VoiceOfEurope













The Danish Social Democrats are implementing a tough immigration policy! (source)

This party, comparable to the PvdA, has repented and has finally admitted and assumed that protecting one's own country against Islamization is one of the most important tasks of the Danish government.

Are you watching, Lodewijk Ascher?
Switch from pro to anti-immigration policy

Denmark has also placed additional border control at the Swedish border.
Swedish prime minister danger to own country.

Due to Islamization, Sweden has become an extremely dangerous country where it is even said that a civil war can break out soon if this continues.

Sweden on the road to civil war?

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