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Derk Jan Eppink about the situation in Greece

Derk Jan Eppink, MEP from the Forum for Democracy, was a guest on Monday in the program De Afspraak of the Flemish VRT.

The conversation was about the situation on the border between Greece and Turkey. Also present was the Belgian former NATO Secretary General Willy Claes.

To supplement CSTV:

There would only be a fraction left if we only let in and support the real refugees. We could offer those people qualitative help.

Sincere refugees would be grateful and, in our case, embrace the Netherlands. And we them too. The Dutch are extremely tolerant people. It has always been like that.

We would have been such a beautiful and decent Netherlands towards real refugees if the perilous globalists and the left had not unnecessarily allowed in the unwanted bastards and thus seriously tested our tolerance.

Uncontrolled admission of fake refugees who are destroying our continent, disrupting culture, not respecting our norms and values ​​and also being life-threatening for your own citizens.

The images clearly show that they are really mainly heart-aggressive young men.

Politics does not anticipate the consequences of this policy, the hard figures that show this. They are even denied and ignored.

It is ridiculous and inconceivable that this will happen.

Thanks to worthless irrational policies, real refugees end up in a rude reception process. They are also looked at with the neck. Thanks to criminals who ruin it for them.

Brought in and even picked up by dangerous people such as Frans Timmermans and Angela Merkel and cuddled by unworldly, but just as dangerous, politicians as Rob Jetten and Jesse Klaver, to take the Netherlands as an example.

Real refugees are at a loss thanks to people who say they are good. (And they will call the above opinion racist).
Sick times.

See the video of Derk Jan Eppink in De Afspraak here:

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