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Merkel: 'No skiing holiday for Tropical Danny'

Chancellor Merkel wants to close all ski slopes and chalets in Europe.

Earlier this week, Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced that there were these Christmas break will not be skiing in the Italian Alps. After the support of France Conte can now also use that of Germany to calculate.

Merkel is calling for ANY European ski areas to close.

During a statement in which she gave a state of play on the corona situation in Germany, the Chancellor said that each REDUNDANT contact should be avoided.

Merkel can count on the support of the federal state Bavaria, the largest ski area in Germany.

The Governor Mark Soeder said he was in favor of a general shutdown in Europe.

'Such an arrangement is necessary if the European borders remain open during the Christmas holidays, 'says Soeder.

However, local authorities in Italy are not at all interested:

'It is a unacceptable joke to close the slopes in Veneto while people happily ski on the other side of the mountain. ' He added that a season without winter sports SUICIDE is for mountain regions.

The governor of Liguria, another northern Italian region, says on Facebook that the closing of ski areas in his province alone '120.000 jobs would jeopardize '.

Austria is fiercely against the closing of the ski resorts, but Angela Merkel works hard for a European agreement:

'We will try to coordinate in Europe whether we ANY ski areas can close. Unfortunately, when you hear the Austrian sayings, it doesn't seem like it's going to be easy, but we're going toch try, ”said the Chancellor.

Austria EIST financial compensation from the European Union if it has to close the ski resorts.

According to Austrian Finance Minister Gernot Blümel, the price tag of such a closure would amount to 2,4 billion euro.
He proposes that the EU reimburses 80 percent of that in that case.

Switzerland, a country that is not part of the European Union, has already announced that it has the ski resorts just is going TO OPEN.

Tropical Danny - Skiing holiday

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