Donald Trump: Bigtech should be punished for mass censorship

Trump speaks in Orlando during The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC)

Florida. One of the states without masks, social distancing and other nonsense measures, but with a thriving economy, the lowest unemployment and happy people.

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A beautiful video from Orlando, Florida with Trump supporters speaking on a beautiful sunny day in Orlando:


What people from the mainstream media and Democrats just don't realize is that it's not about Donald Trump. He just gets in the way. Humanity is starting to think differently. And they just don't want to accept that while it is an unstoppable process.

Major tech companies such as Twitter, Google and Facebook should face severe penalties if they continue to censure conservative votes, President Donald Trump said.

In his first major outing since the election fraud and Joe Biden's inauguration, Donald Trump took the opportunity to call again to sanction Silicon Valley companies engaged in what is perceived as unbalanced moderation of user content that typically targets conservative voices and views.

Donald Trump CPAC 2021 Orlando.

In other words, Donald Trump continues to insist that companies like Google, Twitter and Facebook must be dealt with harshly for their criminal censorship.

"The time has come to break big tech monopolies and restore fair competition"Trump said during his speech on Sunday.

"Big tech giants like Twitter, Google and Facebook should be punished with big sanctions whenever they silence conservative voices."

Trump and his administration have called for the abolition or reform of section 230 of the Communications Decency Act to remove liability protections for companies engaged in censoring political statements.

They have accused the companies of acting as publishers rather than online platforms for engaging in targeted moderation of user content. Protections under Section 230 are not intended to protect publishers.

A number of antitrust investigations of major technology companies are underway.

The Justice Department previously said they have opened antitrust investigations at major digital technology companies and filed suit against Google over anti-competitive allegations. Texas has also filed its own antitrust lawsuit against Google. (source) (source)

Some (Republican) states are investigating new legislation to prevent big tech companies from using their monopoly to act like a thought police when they disagree politically.

Florida proposed penalizing social media companies that remove candidates from the platform during an election. (source)

Legislation would act $ 100.000 a day fine until the candidate's access to the platform is restored. Texas is also considering similar legislation. (source)

Due to the moderation of the social media companies, Trump's account was permanently suspended on Twitter and banned indefinitely from Facebook and Instagram.

"Republicans and Conservatives must open their own platforms and repeal Section 230."

Trump praised Florida and Texas for their willingness to address the issue.

"If Republicans are censored for telling the truth and exposing corruption, we will no longer have democracy and live under leftist tyranny," he added.

Meanwhile, these are big tech too faced with setbacks by governments worldwide concerned about the power these companies have over public thinking and business competition.

Australia is the latest country to pass legislation making Google and Facebook pay for news content. The law aims to create a level playing field between these platforms and media companies that have lost ad revenue from these platforms. Other countries have indicated that they are following in Australia's footsteps.

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This monster must be stopped

While Bigtech even shamelessly oversees speeches in the private sphere, Democrats in Congress are quickly trying to get through the approval of a bill known as HR 1 of For the People Act.

Section 1015 of this act states that: "... it is illegal for any government official to prepare or publicly disclose a report when a person's decision is not to confirm his or her citizenship."

If HR1 becomes law with section 1501 as currently written, no US citizen will be able to obtain registration information from non-civil voters. Millions of non-residents could vote in future elections without the risk of being exposed in election fraud.

As often said… Once you allow socialism to take power through fraud, you will never get it away. They change the laws in such a way that there is no possibility for other parties to ever come to power again. (source)

Trump also warned during his speech of the entry into force of such legislation, saying it would allow the federal government to PROHIBIT dissent and the federal election commission in a “Party political weapon” to change.

“We have no time to waste! Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats in Congress are rushing to launch a fragrant, blatantly unconstitutional attack on the First Amendment and the integrity of our elections, known as HR 1, ” he said.

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Trump also expressed concern over some of the bill's proposals, such as abolishing voter identification requirements and allowing "inexplicable, unelected bureaucrats responsible for drafting congressional districts," through independent redistribution committees. .

“This monster must be stopped. It cannot continue! ” Trump said.

“Now is more than ever the time for brave, strong and energetic Republican leaders with a steel backbone. We need strong leadership. We cannot use leaders who do not stand up for the Americans and stand up to the Democrats, the media and the radicals who want to turn America into a socialist country. “

Donald Trump's full speech during CPAC 2021:


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