Donald Trump about climate prophets and doom thinkers!

Excerpt from Donald Trump's speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos last week.

See here an excerpt from Donald Trump's speech. Dutch subtitles.

"We must reject the remaining prophets of doom with their doomsday thinking!"

A wonderful speech of reason.

While in Europe we are still living in an era of madness, through globalists and climate terrorists such as Frans Timmermans with his Green Deal, America has a man who understands it and realizes that the people are waking up.

They have Donald Trump. The man who is hated by the elite and the media. And the blind followers who have no idea who the man is.

Hated because he wants to expose corruption.
Hated for poking the bubble of corrupt globalists who don't care about the population.
Hated because he exposed the media.
Hated because he ... actually does it really well.

Half the world is still brainwashed on this globe. Adult people who are behind Greta Thunberg. It is an incomprehensible phenomenon that makes every realist pull his hair out of his head.

With these people, the penny will never fall. They simply don't want to. Unfortunately we have to serve those people and hope that the indoctrination of the next generation will fail.

We have the knowledge and information available in this digital age.

But they continue to refuse to do anything with it. It is the puppets of the globalists who only want control over the population in every aspect of life and their own wealth and power.

And they laugh when they see the slaves of their religion take to the streets to defend this nonsense. Thinking that their leaders are concerned with the climate and with the citizen. Feeling very good while doing so.

But the end of the corrupt globalists is near. In 2020 the cesspool will open and the heads will roll. In the meantime, we continue to convince people who are still capable of reason. It will all be pretty good.

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