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Donald Trump calls Fox News

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A summary of Donald Trump's extensive telephone conversation with Fox News last weekend.

The conversation was of course mainly about the impeachment circus. This investigation and the interrogations were so absurd and crazy that you can hardly believe that this is all real. See the highlights from that telephone conversation here. We have subtitled it.


The interrogations of the past 5 days were hilarious. The large-scale circus of the Democrats in the umpteenth attempt to oust this President ended in one big comedy.

Everything revolved around 1 telephone call from Donald Trump with Zelenski, the President of Ukraine. Was there Quid Pro Quo? Donald Trump would withhold support money if there were no investigation into Biden.

The President of Ukraine should also make this publicly known too.

The umpteenth false accusation to get this man away. The left has gone crazy. It indicates what they are capable of when they have lost. Something is seriously wrong with these people.

Do you think that's an exaggeration? Then view this summary of the interrogations. You don't know what you see!


Even after this circus, the media continue to claim that Trump is in a tight corner. These interrogations were seen by the press as a victory for the Dems.

For the Republicans, people with common sense, the Trump supporters and for Donald Trump himself, these have of course been 5 fantastic days.

To see your opponent go off like this should give satisfaction after everything they've done to this man.

The best part is that they still don't seem to notice, although some Democrats now also have their reservations. Because what we have seen in the last 5 days was really too insane for words.

The NOS also creates other reality as you could see in the video. The channel that has never spoken one positive word about the President of America just turns the story around and only broadcasts what they want us to see.

As an example. Put the images that you have just seen beside this piece by Arjen van der Horst, reporter of the NOS:
The Republican strategy: scatter sand in impeachment research

The tide is turning! Now it is the Republicans' and Trump's turn.

“There is a lot to happen in the coming weeks!” said Donald Trump.

A good listener who has followed it a bit knows what is about to happen. Heads are rolling! And those are not the heads of the Republicans or those of Trump.

We also think we know what is about to happen. If that is the case then we finally have a lot of cheerful articles with good news from America in the coming weeks! And it is also extremely important for Europe that Donald Trump be re-elected in 2020.

To be continued!

If you want to know a little more about the smear against Trump that is being waged by the media and the Democrats, read on.

The witch hunt of the Democrats and the media has been going on for over 3 years now. From the moment Trump has applied to this day, people are intensively trying to blacken Donald Trump and get rid of the White House.

To have an idea how crazy the media works, here are some short videos.

Trump gives secret Nazi message:

Watch the first 5 minutes of this "Left Madness Compilation" and see how the media operated even before the elections. Hilarious!

Left demagogy of the Dems against Trump:

Why does Trump need to be turned off if necessary?

They are terrified of Trump. This man has become President with one purpose. Expose all corruption!

And once more ... Donald Trump's speech that inspired millions of Americans to vote for Donald Trump:
[embedyt] [/ embedyt]

We will continue to follow it closely!






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