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Donald Trump declares a state of emergency in DC

Donald Trump declares a state of emergency in District of Columbia (DC)

The rush that the Democrats, the big techs and the media are in is unprecedented. All brakes are released to get Donald Trump away and to silence him completely. The Democrats start a witch hunt and together with the media suppress any conservative voice in America.

CNN is calling for Fox News to be removed from the TV. From now on, as a conservative, you can only speak at home about what you think. (source)

Donald Trump has never called for violence. No one can say that with dry eyes, but the mainstream media just does it. It's devilish.

No body and / or judge seems to be more honest and censorship is shamelessly applied en masse. It feels like you have nowhere to go with the truth.

An atmosphere has been created in which all conservatives seem to have been outlawed. Especially people who remain loyal to Trump. They also want to solve “the problem of 80 million Trumpsters” and the attack has started. Pelosi can't wait until January 21 and wants to get rid of him at all costs. Another impeachment. The woman is a joke.

The masks fall off and evil takes on more and more faces.

And now:

Donald Trump declares a state of emergency in Washington DC which entitles him to:

(1) directing a federal agency, with or without remuneration, to use its authorities and resources assigned to it under federal law (including personnel, equipment, supplies, facilities, and administrative, technical and advisory services) in support of state - and local emergency relief efforts to save lives, protect property and public health and safety, and reduce or avert the threat of disaster, including precautionary evacuations;
(2) coordinate all disaster relief (including voluntary assistance) provided by federal agencies, private organizations, and state and local governments;
(3) provide technical and advisory assistance to affected state and local governments for -
(A) the performance of essential community services;
(B) issue warnings for risks or dangers;
(C) information on public health and safety, including dissemination of such information;
(D) taking health and safety measures; and
(E) manage, control and mitigate immediate threats to public health and security;
(4) provide emergency relief through federal agencies;
(5) dispose of debris in accordance with the terms of Section 5173 of this Title [Section 407];
(6) provide assistance in accordance with Section 5174 of this Title [Section 408];
(7) Assist state and local governments in the distribution of medicines, food and other consumables, and emergency relief; and
(8) Provide expedited federal assistance and federal assistance where necessary to save lives, prevent human suffering, or mitigate serious harm, which can be provided without a specific request and in which case the President -
(A) As far as practicable, promptly notify and coordinate with any State in which such assistance or support is provided; and
(B) When informing and coordinating with a state pursuant to subparagraph (A), shall not delay or impede the prompt deployment, use and distribution of critical assets to victims of an emergency.

Is this because of the fear of possible violence? Some media report yes and talk of upcoming armed protests. The NOS comes with the impeachment story. But what exactly is going on in Washington DC has not yet been confirmed, except that there has been a conversation between Vice President Mike Pence and Donald Trump.

Earlier in the evening, a speech by Donald Trump was announced by Fox News. For unknown reasons, the speech was not broadcast or took place.

This is the briefing:

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)


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