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Donald Trump takes CNN to court

The Trump campaign team is suing CNN for libel and defamation.

CNN's smear campaign against Donald Trump has been going on for years and fake news about the alleged link with Russia flew out of the corner long ago.

For anyone who is in doubt, or thinks it is not too bad and is exaggerated, see this video and listen to the words of CNN boss Zucker himself.

There are still people who dare to say with dry eyes that the corruption and political agenda of a news channel, which tens of millions of people news provides, a "Conspiracy theory" is:

See the entire article about this scandal here:

This week, Democrate and Muslim Ilhan Omar spoke about Trump in a broadcast on CNN.

She said the United States is built on racism, oppression of the black people and slavery.

"Racism is the foundation of American power.", said Omar.

And communist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez got a microphone at CNN to announce that illegal immigrants should not forget to fill in their ballot paper for 2020 !!

Central News Network is now being sued by Trump for several millions of dollars in damages through false reporting, defamation, fake news and Russia hysteria.

CNN, The New York Times and Washington Post have all shown evil intent about their coverage of Donald Trump. Jewish billionaire and founder Jeff Bezos owns the Washington Post.

The New York Times is managed by The New York Times Company, which is owned by the Jewish Sulzberger family. Jeffrey Adam Zucker is the boss at CNN.

There is an increasing demand for a change in the law with regard to the deliberate publication of false information.

"CNN shouldn't think it can just get away with this!" said Kayleigh Mcenany, national Trump campaign press officer.

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