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EU reaches provisional agreement for Covid19 test and injection passports

EU reaches provisional agreement for Covid19 test and injection passports

This summer, the European Parliament and the Council reached a provisional agreement on a digital covid19 certificate to guarantee the free movement of tourists between the 27 Member States of the EU. ease, reports RTNews.

It is a nice way to report that an agreement has been reached that makes it difficult or impossible for people who would like to know what to inject into their body and what not to travel.

The document will show whether people have been vaccinated against the virus and whether they have recently tested negative or recovered from an infection, lawmakers said yesterday.

All EU countries will accept the passport, which is valid for 12 months, although it is not a condition of free movement, according to a statement from the European Parliament.

According to the plans, Member States will not be allowed to impose additional travel measures such as quarantines "Unless they are necessary and proportionate to protect public health", the legislators said.

“All member states must accept EU-approved vaccines under the schedule, while it is up to each country to allow travelers vaccinated with injections not yet approved by the bloc's drug regulator, such as Russia's. Sputnik V vaccine. ”

As part of the plans, the European Commission has pledged to make at least € 100 million ($ 122 million) available so that “Affordable and accessible tests” become more widely available. We are talking about the non-working PCR tests. (source)

“This is an important step to resume free movement of the EU as safely as possible while providing clarity and security to our citizens”, thus Stella Kyriakides, health commissioner.

Yes Stella, your next step is towards a gate in a beautifully decorated tribunal. Just wait…

Not EU countries

Some non-EU countries have launched their own Covid-19 travel documentation, including Israel, which is rolling out a Green Pass that allows its citizens to attend theaters, sporting events and gyms.

Meanwhile, people who want to travel in England can prove that they have received both vaccine doses through an app from the National Health Service (NHS).


In any free society, we should be able to ask questions and make our own choices about whether or not to receive medical treatment. But anyone who asks questions is automatically labeled 'anti-science'. The idea that only one scientific doctrine should be followed is actually anti-scientific in itself, but okay.

We are very curious how this will all end. If you follow America, the country of vaccines, quite a few different studies show that more than a quarter will absolutely not be vaccinated and we see it rising rather than falling. Even more than 50% of Republicans indicate that they will not be injected. And it is estimated that that percentage is a bit higher in Europe. (source) (source) (source)

Keep your back straight. It is so easy to write this down, but for certain people, for various reasons, refusal can sometimes be made almost impossible due to family circumstances or because of a career. But as long as no one is forcibly ramming that injection into it, you always have a choice and the consequences one will have to accept and weigh against the consequences of giving in to something illegal, harmful and irreversible.

Justice shall prevail.

In conclusion: It remains difficult to write about vaccinations while these injections are not vaccines. The same applies to certain (official) figures that are named while we know that the PCR is worthless and those figures are based on that. For many, writing about corona has been the same for some time now as writing about Sinterklaas. But you also want to bring news and there are always new readers coming. As long as we are aware of that, we will all understand each other.

And otherwise just read this beautiful triptych by Vrij Mens again.

Vaccination? The virus does not exist! (I)


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