Erdogan's grip on Libya is growing

In Northeast Libya, the GNA (“National Agreement”) rules a coalition of Salafi groups backed by Turkey and Qatar.

The GNA receives weapons and thousands of Jihadis - escaped from Syria - who are shipping Turkey to Libya to keep its puppet state alive.

Lately, the GNA seemed to be losing out to the LNA ("Libyan National Army"), backed by Egypt, Russia, France and other Arab countries.

After 6 years of (second) civil war, that should bring peace to the former Gaddafi stronghold, which was previously destroyed by Obama's intervention.

Unexpectedly, and thanks to Erdogan's support of the GNA, the GNA was able to seize large tracts of land and infrastructure from the LNA.

This seems to have reversed roles:
First, when the LNA was losing, the GNA wanted a truce. Now that the GNA is winning, the LNA wants an armistice.

Neighboring Egypt now wants both sides to lay down their arms and all foreign mercenaries to leave. At the same time, Egypt is bringing Abraham tanks to the Libyan-Egyptian border because of the escalation

There are fears that the GNA, Erdogan's (de-facto) puppet state, will allow Turkey to threaten Europeans with sending migrant boats on yet another front.


Second Libyan Civil War (2014-now)

Renaissance Horizon - Erdogan strikes back, turning the tide in Libya

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