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Erdogan calls Europeans Fascists but spreads fake news himself

Recep Tayyip Erdogan calls from Ankara the Greeks, and other Europeans who are not migrantsn want fascists.

Who's going to make this man sing a note lower? In any case, the EU is not. It seems that only countries stand up individually to help counter this dictator and protect its borders.

We already reported last week that the reaction after Erdogan's visit to Brussels, and the so-called measures and statements by the European Union was a farce. Empty words to try to hide the fact that nothing has come out and Erdogan is simply in control. (source)

It seems they cannot do anything else because of their globalist ideology. No migrant should be touched and what if a dead migrant falls from the EU?

"Greece is a bad country, stripping migrants down to their underpants, taking their money and passports and beating people up and sending them back!"

This turns out to be a big lie according to this Tweet:

We also don't see the Greeks taking off the clothes of migrants. They keep them as far away from the border as possible.

"No one stands up against Greece."

“What Greece is doing is against human rights. Greece needs to be corrected. They commit crimes against humanity. ”

"We, Turkey, are working day and night to receive one and a half million refugees from Idlib, but Europe doesn't want to let in even a few hundred thousand migrants?"

"Those people who do not assert their democracy and human rights, for none of the migrants, are outright fascists."

Who will make this man sing a note lower?

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