Erdogan calls for Holy War against Europe

Turkish Islamist and President Recep Erdogan recently delivered a speech declaring the offensive on the Greek border a Holy War and seeking to reintroduce the Ottoman Empire.

Erdogan wants to flood Europe with 3.6 million refugees.

During the crisis on the Greek borders, people from Turkish prisons were released in exchange to fight on the Greek borders in order to invade Europe. Tear gas and other weapons were given to migrants to fight their way into Europe. (source)


 "Ordinary" migrants were forced to board buses towards the Greek border.


This video shows the timeline of the crisis, from a Greek point of view. The video is subtitled by us:


Recently, during 2 speeches, Erdogan has suggested that the migrant crisis at the Greek border has been an act of aggression against Europe and that he is seeking to reintroduce the Ottoman Empire (source). "Allah is behind us!"

Erdogan starts his second fiery speech with a quote from a poem by the famous Turkish poet Yahya Kemal Beyatli. The poem is called: “26 Ağustos 1922 (click)"

That was the day of The Great Offensive in the Turkish War of Independence when the Greeks were defeated in Anatolia. (source)

In the other speech, he once again admits that he said to Greece: “Do let them in and let them go to the rest of Europe. They won't stay with you anyway. ”.


Several times Erdogan made a hand gesture used among Turkish neo-fascist street gangs known as the Gray Wolves, Voice of Europe.

Hand Gesture Gray Wolves

All videos, except the CommonSenseTV video, are translated by “RAIR” (source)

Incidentally, there is a wealth of information to be found about Erdogan's situation and strategy, which is completely ignored by Western media. Meanwhile, the EU keeps trying to make deals. It seems that the "leaders" in the EU have no idea who and what they are really dealing with.


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