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Erdogan laughs at Brussels and continues to threaten

As we mentioned earlier, the negotiations between Erdogan and the European Union failed.

The beautiful words for the stage and for the press are a smoke screen. Nothing happens. The dictator is in charge. Erdogan didn't even bother giving a press conference afterwards. All the fine words the EU uttered after the meeting are lies. No agreement has been concluded.

See this article about the dictator's visit to Brussels:

Erdogan visits Brussels: "Turkey urges immediate EU SUPPORT!"

Erdogan came to Brussels. Ate a delicious meal and lubricated it again after 2 hours. Also the agreement to give a press conference afterwards, Erdogan flouted.

While the EU wants to give the impression that it "Is a good step towards a political solution and cooperation." and more of those death eaters, said Erdogan, immediately after his return from Brussels, once again that the Greeks are better off throwing the borders open. “This is my proposal to Greece! Let them continue to other countries! ” (source)

He also called this a week before the visit to Brussels.

Von der Leyen was sucking a story out of her thumb. Von der Leyen is lying to European citizens and the press.

Anyway, we did not choose that person, we have nothing with those globalists and it will be our worst. Who feels connected to a certain Ursula von der Leyen? Nobody in the Netherlands and nobody in other countries.

All we know of this undemocratically elected Unfortunately is that she is a feminazi who argues fiercely for women's quotas, rather than using common sense and acknowledging that, on average, women themselves do not aspire to a top job.

She is also 100% behind that absurdity Green deal climate dictator Frans Timmermans and applauds immigration. So we EXACTLY know what to expect from the EU.

So what can we expect from her? Nothing! Nothing in the interest of the European people. Everything for the sake of globalism, though!

While many EU leaders have accused Turkey of blackmail, they are empty words. It is not being done.

The only countries that really stand up for their people and are also willing to protect the EU from this invasion are the Eastern European countries such as Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria and Croatia.

Austria has also pledged physical assistance. 

In any case, Erdogan still refuses to close Turkey's borders. (source)

What would have looked different if all countries had been sovereign with strong leaders. Or an EU with strong leaders, but that sentence alone sounds like a joke.



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