ERDOGAN turns Cathedral into a Mosque

Hagia Sofia, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, will be ready to be used as a mosque in two weeks.


Turkish President Erdogan is making a 'political move' to boost his popularity among the Turks again.

The bad economy and corruption charges did not do Recep's image any good.


The historic Hagia Sofia building is a museum and is full of, among other things, images of Mother Mary, Child Jesus and Prophet Mohammed.
Ayasofya means 'Holy Sign of Wisdom'


But the Christian cathedral in Istanbul serves as museum is now 'renamed' a mosque.

From 537 to 1453 it was the biggest cathedral in the world and from 1453 to 1934 it was an Islamic house of prayer. In the period 1934-2020 it was a museum due to a decision by Atatürk, but under Erdogan it will become a mosque.


The Turkish State Council on Friday put an end to Atatürk's decision.
They called Atatürk's step ILLEGAL and therefore his decision must still be quashed.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan then signed a decree allowing Muslims to pray in the historic building. They are welcome for the first time on July 24, he said later in a speech.

His plan could count on immediately fierce criticism from the Orthodox Christian countries of Greece and Russia, among others.


UNESCO is angry and European Commissioner Margaritis Schinas also expressed his opposition.

On behalf of the EU, Josep Borrell mentioned the state of affairs surrounding Hagia Sophia on Friday evening regrettable.

The Greek Minister of Culture spoke of an open provocation for the civilized world.

The Orthodox Christian Ecumenical Patriarch, Bartholomew the First, lives in Istanbul.
And also be wrath is awakened.

He resides in Istanbul, as the leader of a major non-Islamic religion, in a predominantly Islamic country.

De patriarch of Constantinople preaches cooperation, reconciliation and moderation, but when asked what he thinks of Islam he is unexpectedly pronounced:

Murder in the name of God is blasphemy. To cry out 'Allah Akhbar' to kill immediately is against God. '


Erdogan argues that Turkey has exercised its sovereign right to turn Hagia Sophia into a mosque and warned that CRITICISM would
can be interpreted as an ATTACK on Turkish independence.


Immediately after the announcement of the judicial decision, there was already a call for prayer, which was immediately answered by Muslims who began to pray en masse at Hagia Sophia.

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