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Experts on the Coming Threat: Important Video! (Part II)

The article on Part I stated that Dr. Yeaton was the just retired CEO of Pfizer.

That seems to be incorrect. We first ask the source of the video and their article why that is stated. If necessary, it will be rectified immediately.

Experts on the coming threat

The Daystar Television Network (commonly referred to as Daystar Television, often abbreviated to Daystar) is an American evangelical Christian religious television network owned by the Word of God Fellowship, founded by Marcus Lamb in 1993. 

The network reaches more than 108 million homes in the US through all major cable companies and satellite systems. Globally, Daystar reaches more than 2 billion viewers in every country around the world every day. Daystar is the fastest growing faith-based television network in the world. (source)

And let this network have just started a campaign to bring out the truths about the so-called covid19 virus and its vaccines. uncensored.. (source)

See Part II here


If you haven't seen Part I yet:

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