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Vlaams Belang absolute leader in Belgian polls

If there were federal parliamentary elections today, the Vlaams Belang can count on no less than 27,3% of the electoral intentions!

This has made it virtually the largest party in Belgium.

Again 3% more than in the last polls that are held every 3 months.

In the elections last May, Vlaams Belang booked as a monster victory by going from just 3 seats to 18 seats. 12% of the population gave their confidence to Vlaams Belang. 9% more than the previous elections in 2014. This made the party the second party in Belgium.

Now the party stands at a whopping 27.3%! Within half a year, the party has more than doubled in half a year! (source)

From 12% to 27% within six months is a top performance.






















The Belgian newspaper invariably continues to call the party the extreme right.








But that now seems to work only to the advantage for those parties who still really care about the people and their country. Demonize and "Racist groups" is so disproportionate that it becomes laughable. This is a global phenomenon and more and more people are laughing and ridiculing it. The words have lost their power.

So ridicule that bite! Let them laugh and swear. And let it go ...

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