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Flemish population accepts totalitarian regime without opposition

A few days ago, Belgium took new measures due to the increasing number of corona infections in the country.

Families should reduce the number of people with whom they often interact from 15 to 5, Prime Minister Wilmes announced at a press conference.

New rules also apply to events. For example, there is room for a maximum of 100 people, outside that is 200. Mouth masks are mandatory at events.

The corona crisis has made something clear to Flemish former member of parliament Jurgen Verstrepen, he says in a message on Facebook. "I have established that a large part of the Flemish population is really ready to live under a totalitarian regime and does not even protest against it."

Jurgen Verstrepen

He lists a number of things that people simply accept: state measures that are scientifically unsubstantiated, illegal privacy rights violations by the state, unconstitutional and illegal measures out of proportion such as a curfew, fraud by a state and government such as with the mouth masks, that the first the the best uniform wearer can give you mega fines and control and intimidate you everywhere, that the economy is being taken in an imposed stranglehold, that the entertainment, entertainment, sports and hospitality sectors are restricted or stopped, that the state is illegally demanding your whereabouts, that your walking and personal freedoms are unlawfully restricted and that smart cameras do and have you registered and that data disappears in municipal or state databases.




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