Former Clinton Advisor Naomi Wolf Banned From Twitter For Criticizing Covid19 Vaccines

Former Clinton Advisor Naomi Wolf Banned From Twitter For Criticizing Covid19 Vaccines

Twitter shared in a statement to The Hill that Wolf's account has been permanently suspended for repeated violations of their policy on disinformation about COVID-19. (source)

Naomi Wolff

Naomi Wolf had over 140.000 followers.


Who decides what disinfo is?

Everyone for himself and curious people are getting better at this. Especially because they ignore the biggest fake news distributors, the mainstream media and the State broadcasters.

So who decides what disinfo is? What chair does Jack Dorsey, Twitter's SEO, think he's sitting in?

Jack Dorsey – CEO Twitter

European Commissioner for Values ​​and Transparency

In the EU too, governments want to try to suppress other opinions through the European Commissioner for Values ​​and Transparency. Nice word for a modern Gestapo who determine what you think and must accept as truth.

Read Marcel van Tol's column about this. (source)

You just keep your hands off whatever any person has to say.

A year ago you were taken off Twitter for stating facts that now even endorse the WHO.

Often in the end no one knows the absolute truth except the people who were actually present where “the news” took place. From that point on, it's just confidence that the news relayers are sincere. People should be able to take up the challenge themselves to distinguish fake news from real news. Here, elsewhere, but especially in the mainstream media.

It is logical that we often cannot guarantee 100% that something has gone as written. You have to have that awareness and so do the readers. The mainstream media should endorse that.

The difference is that here and with other free media the intentions are to deliver genuine news and post opinions that come straight from the heart. The mainstream media, which have the same sources, are mainly busy turning certain facts or statements for their own agenda.

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Anthony Fauci is Satan

According to the BBC, Naomi Wolf shared posts claiming that the vaccine was a  “was a software platform that can receive uploads”, compared White House adviser Anthony Fauci with "Satan" and tweeted that feces and urine from those who received the vaccine should be separated from society and that tests should be done to measure its impact on unvaccinated people through drinking water. (source)

There are actual scientific studies going on as to what Naomi is saying here. How can that be disinformation? Is the official story that we can only talk about according to Twitter and the governments real?

They have never been able to substantiate it. In contrast, elaborated news items are everywhere censored as “fake news”.

While some prominent verified Twitter users have applauded the move, claiming it was necessary because Wolf was allegedly pushing “anti-vaccine” claims, something so incredibly stupid because it's going to hit these useful idiots at some point too. They also apparently do not realize that they publicly admit that people are only allowed to think in a certain narrative. Their narrative, that is. That is quite fascist and oppressive. Softly expressed.

These people also have the right to say what they want even if the other side disagrees.

Fortunately, there are generally more people who see that this is anything but good and just. It's dangerous.

“Anyone who loves freedom, including Naomi Wolf, should realize that the left is now the enemy of freedom,” wrote conservative filmmaker Dinesh D'Souza on Twitter.

Other prominent figures with a sense of justice and common sense speak shame of this censorship:

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It's not about the virus

In January, Twitter and Facebook moved to ban former President Donald Trump and other conservatives after the January 6 Capitol breach, which drew criticism from some international leaders, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

The former can now say what she wants, it is for the stage and has no influence on this censorship. This woman has completely destroyed her country and will not stop. Its successor, most likely a “green” one, will continue on the agenda.

So it is easy to pronounce this sentence for Merkel. Nice for sheep who like one-liners and think that these people are going to change anything and serve the citizens.

Wolf had criticized plans to create a "vaccine passport" system in March, arguing that doing so would endanger civil liberties.

“'Vaccine passport' sounds fine if you don't understand what those platforms can do. I am CEO of a technology company, I understand what this platform is doing”, she told Fox News on March 28 (source) .

“It's not about the vaccine, it's not about the virus, it's about your data. Once this is rolled out, you have no choice to be part of the system.”

Wolf said such systems were akin to the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) social credit system, which is often used to sanction dissent or critical views of the regime. (source)

“How does the CCP keep a billion people under the thumb of a totalitarian regime?”

A fair question and the answer is simple and she gives it herself:

“The CCP can find any dissident in five minutes, and it can literally happen here in months.”

In the 58s, Wolf, 2007, served as a political adviser to the campaigns of former President Clinton and former Vice President Al Gore. In XNUMX, she wrote "The End of America," in which she "explains her advocacy for saving American democracy," according to her website .

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