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French hospital goes on strike over Covid-19 vaccination mandate.

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Irrespective of whether or not these people believe in the killer virus, it is hopeful that now that it is becoming personal for them too, they are taking to the streets.


French hospital goes on indefinite strike to protest Covid-19 vaccination mandate

French hospital goes on INDEFINITE strike to protest Covid-19 vaccination mandate-19
Hospital staff in Montelimar, in the French department of Drôme, have gone on indefinite strike to protest new rules requiring them to take a vaccine against Covid-19 by mid-September or risk losing their jobs.

The strike against  “forced vaccination”  was announced on Thursday by the CGT-GHPP union, affecting some 200 doctors and 1.500 nurses in the southeastern French city.

Hundreds of them gathered outside the hospital on Friday, rejecting lockdowns and vaccine mandates and shouting  “liberte!”  (freedom).

The French legislator is finalizing a proposal that would require all medical professionals who come into contact with vulnerable individuals to be fully vaccinated by September 15, otherwise they would lose their salary and even their job.

“We are against compulsory vaccination and  vaccine compulsion, " local union representative Elsa Ruillere told  Sputnik France . “There is no choice between testing or vaccination: vaccination is mandatory. No, we disagree. We want to have the choice like the rest of the world and we don't want mandatory vaccination.”

Ruillere says her union “free and informed consent” and is not against vaccination in principle, but against coercion. Some medical workers said they are waiting for the France-made Sanofi-GSK vaccine, promised for December.

“We are well aware of the evolution of the virus. We  grasp it don't light up', said exchange. However, she and her notable colleagues point out that even with the rise in positive tests for the Delta variant of the coronavirus, there has been no commensurate increase in hospital admissions.

“Yes, we have turned 'red', but that is actually due to the positive tests. In terms of hospital admissions, we are currently doing well, we did not have to reopen beds, we have far fewer people hospitalized than before and fewer people in intensive care.”  , she added.

Another problem for the union is the lack of public debate, as the French National Assembly seems to have simply proceeded on the advice of the High Health Authority (HAS), which has approved the vaccination mandate. 'justified' called  .

ALSO ON RT.COM Over ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND rally against 'Covid-19 tyranny' in France, protesting immunity passports and vaccination mandate (VIDEO) There have been widespread protests in France since mid-July, when the government of President Emmanuel Macron lifted the vaccination mandate for health professionals and introduced a  "health pass" requirement to access public venues with more than 50 attendees. The pass requirement will be extended to cafes, restaurants and shops from August 1.

The number of coronavirus cases in France has increased by 150% in the past week, attributed to the Delta variant. The government says 96% of those infected have not been vaccinated.


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There are also hopeful messages from Australia at the moment.

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