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Frisian Free State?

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After the execution of Saint Boniface near Dokkum in the year 754 and the Pietenactie on December 4, 2017 in celebration of the birthday of Saint Nicholas, who already died in 342, but was still waving high in the north, Friesland deserves a free-state status. Certainly if we keep in mind that the Frisians once managed to keep the Romans permanently outside the border gates and that Grutte Pier (Pier Gerlofs Donia) regularly gave the Dutch people sensitive blows around 1500, while the Battle of Warns in 1345 already makes it clear that the Frisians would rather be dead than a slave (Leaver dea as slave) of what would later become 'The Hague' with contempt.

Today, various catering owners in Friesland have indicated that they will not enforce the QR measures. Tribute! After all, there may be constitutionally no discrimination on medical grounds. In addition to the 'logical' parties VVD, D66, CDA, CU, the 3 leftists (PvdA, GL & SP), but also JA21, Bij1, Volt and yes: Pieter, they are tackling this constitutional article on their slippery boots.
This violation of the constitution alone justifies a Frisian secession. You should consider including the NOP. Partly because of the space that is still available to accommodate the political refugees from the rest of the far from democratic Netherlands. The NOP with Urk as a stronghold of anti-covid activists.

That the alleged democracy from The Hague is also raped on a daily basis may be concluded, among other things, from the many idiotic turns and questionable decisions during six months of formation and the few democratic actions of ministers in caretaker state, with Wopke being the last in a long line. . Why should we as good citizens (guarantors who guarantee the country's income) still pay taxes if our financially Christian role model is sneakily evading it?

Kaag said briefly: “Nobody benefits from new elections”. That's an outright lie (another one!), especially when we look at the latest polls. D66 is on the brink of loss, the CDA on the brink of collapse. "New elections will paralyze politics for at least another six months," according to Kaag, after she has lost more than half a year by stopping Rutte IV and is now reluctantly prepared to put this ramshackle vehicle back on track towards four years. renewed misery.

“We have to do justice to the call for a new administrative culture, for example by having the parties write a concise coalition agreement and making agreements 'in outline'”, according to Remkes. Boy, how wrongly innovative from that stale VVD regent. He must have come up with this in a drunken stupor. After all, after the next elections there will be nothing left of that 'great' management culture switch. (Does anyone remember where the Remkes report -state committee on the parliamentary system- has gone with, among other things, the recommendation of a binding corrective referendum?) An extra-parliamentary cabinet would also be a temporary emergency measure as a snack to restore the order of power, after another illness. Nothing changes at all, at the express wish (demand!) of the regent elite.

Writing a concise coalition agreement and making agreements 'in outline' is only an emergency connection to bridge the gap. Nothing will ever change if the elite don't want to change anything.

Funny that PvdA and GL did not know how many feathers they had to put down the Rutte, who was previously typified as Pinocchio, to be allowed to participate. All for relative power. But now that they have been dismissed, they suddenly do not want to cooperate cooperatively, if they are needed for a majority in the senate. How democratic, how committed to the national interest of the better-off? In the meantime, Rutte has still not solved the gas effects in Groningen and the allowance affair, but has upgraded the caretaker (unconstitutional!) Covid 19 to an A status and passed some emergency laws. For the awakened among us (with wappie as a nickname) there are many more democracy rapes to list.

That is why Free State Friesland could be a real option. But then all 'The Hague' pitfalls that have already proven their destructive value for a century and a half have been prevented.
So no distant descendant of Grutte Pier hereditary with a firstborn right for the benefit of the head of state. Nor a committee of wealthy wise liberal elderly people, supplemented by a Urk minister who has been released to a limited extent to craft a constitution outside of the voters. Therefore no educated elite who know very well what is good for themselves and who also pretend to know this for the mob, without consulting (delegates of) the people.

Also, of course, do not allow politicians to form voter-cheating coalitions. In fact: don't start with politicians at all, but let real representatives of the people, who have a direct connection with their own supporters, control the government. Strangling faction discipline is punishable. A government will consist of party-independent, professional leaders. And a senate that only checks laws for correctness and feasibility. Also checking whether new laws do not conflict with existing laws and checking whether they are not at the expense of minorities. A granite rule will be the complete banning of party political appointments, at all levels.

Within an 'established' freedom state, of course, no art. 120 set. Honest judges appointed with proven expertise, for example for 8 years, must at all times be able to test new laws against the constitution. Together with the new-style senate, a Constitutional Court is then built in.

Every truly democratic thinking Dutchman is welcome in the polder of Friesland. An integration program is unnecessary, nobody will be obliged to learn the Frisian language.

Friesland does not have to leave the EU, after all, it never entered. The Frisian gûne becomes the standard currency, backed by valuable precious metals and/or gemstones. With regard to the food supply, Groot Friesland will become self-sufficient, whereby nature will come first and chemical agents will be banned.
For the time being, huge amounts can be borrowed for responsible housing at very minimal interest rates, funds that can be repaid without any problems after 10 years.

In short: Fryslân boppe. (Perhaps a survey among the real Frisians can throw a spanner in the works if they realize that more than half of all 'Hollanders' want to cross the border. In that case, consideration could be given to warming up Groningen and Drenthe for a genuine Great Frisian democracy!)

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