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FVD meeting closed due to threat to Hiddema and Baudet - UPDATE: Meeting has resumed


Baudet and Hiddema are now back. "We took it safe!"


A meeting of the Forum for Democracy in Arnhem was closed. The exact reason is not yet known. Party leader Thierry Baudet and Member of Parliament Theo Hiddema were safely removed and have not yet returned to the hall.

According to a spokesperson, information is available about a situation that could be threatening to Thierry Baudet and Theo Hiddema.

The meeting had just started for half an hour when it was interrupted during a speech by Jan Cees Vogelaar about the nitrogen problem.

An employee calmly reported that there was one “Small security issue” was followed by a pause.

These are images from the NOS in which the employee reports about the safety issue.


But despite the employee's calming words, Thierry Baudet has since left the meeting.

Theo Hiddema, who left with Thierry Baudet, returned after some time and told the audience to stay inside. Then he was taken away again.

According to Theo Hiddema, serious threats have been received from several people.


Reporter Gerwin Peelen presides Omroep Gelderland in the hall at the meeting. He speaks to Hart van Nederland of a “very strange situation”. “Security looked restless. Hiddema came back for a while, but Baudet no longer. (Source)

Tweet from the Police:


On Facebook it is said by Dion Mebius that Thierry Baudet literally ran away from the room and that the security had been "nervous" all evening.


This is the live stream of the meeting. At around 1 hour and 4 minutes, the meeting was interrupted by a break.



Theo Hiddema about Baudet's speech in the House of Representatives about the referendum in which Thierry gave so many clear examples of how absurd it is that the referendum has been abolished and people still do not want to do it.

The media is NOT talking about that contribution and the referendum. The heart of democracy.

"And that sucks!", says Theo Hiddema.

Here is Baudet's full input on the referendum:

Source FVD


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