Dear kitty,

What I heard now! What bad news from Australia !!

The Melbourne Police Commissioner told the journalists:

'We will maintain the corona measures and the majority will cooperate, otherwise the consequences will be for them.

And consequences will follow!

Empowered groups, sovereign citizens whatever that means, those who think the rules don't apply to them, they must beware!

We will pull those who refuse to reveal their names voluntarily from their cars and require us to tell us who they are and where they are going.

We don't want this, but we have to. We will punish you: arrest you and take appropriate action.

The health experts only ask you one thing:

That you stay at home. YOU MUST STAY IN!

If you fail to do this, we will put you behind bars. '

Sigh, oh Kitty, I'm pretty scared ...

I read in the newspaper in August that an ordinance was sent to parents with children between the ages of three and XNUMX:

'Regulation for all parents whose children are infected with corona.

These children must be forcibly placed in a separate room in the parental home. The children should not have contact with other children or susceptible, weakened persons.

The children are also not allowed to shit in the same toilet. This action must take place in the room.

Other family members must not come into contact with bed linen and other linen of the sick child.

It also states in the letter:

'Your child is obliged to keep a DIARY about the symptoms of corona and the diary must also write down the body temperature measured twice a day.

You are obliged to be available by phone, 24/7.

You should contact the health protection agency as soon as the child develops a fever.

In the event that you as parents do not, not fully or not immediately comply with this bye-law, we have the right to have the child under duress and possibly using force to be quarantined.

If this is not possible at home, the child will be taken to a quarantine station.

We will also impose a penalty of € 1000 on you.

Anyone who has had contact with the child for at least 15 minutes is considered a 'corona infected person'.

A positive or a false positive corona test is not even necessary to be removed from your parents.

If you have played with your friends for too long, you are already the bunny, because imagine that as a child you can cycle around with your friends and build an immune system and learn social skills!

There were also suddenly all kinds of vacancies in the German newspapers:

'Nanny m / f wanted with a pedagogical background to look after children, in groups of seven, who have been designated as corona suspect and have therefore been transferred to a corona camp in Köln-Immendorf.'

The job description read: 'You should entertain the children who have been placed under forced quarantine using your own skills and previous experience. There is also a Netflix account at your disposal to keep the kids busy. '

It looks exactly like what Frau Merkel has been saying all along, that she is fighting to make what is ILLEGAL LEGAL!

But all this cannot be true, dear Kitty!

Dark clouds gather over Europe ...

Hopefully they are just conspiracy theories and zombie stories from Hollywood.

Your Anne

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