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German citizen deliberately drives into carnival parade

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(Update 25-02-20 0:20)

The perpetrator is 29-year-old Maurice P. according to the authorities.

Another man ran after the car to film everything. This 27-year-old man was also arrested. The perpetrators would not have a political motive but acted under the influence of drugs and alcohol.  (source)

In Volksmarsen in Hessen, a driver of a gray Mercedes was deliberately run into a carnival procession.

There have been serious injuries. More than 30 people including 7 very serious. (source)

This happened around 14:30 PM. So far, there have been talks of dozens of injured, 10 of them serious.

See here a compilation of the images from Source T-Online

The perpetrator has since been arrested according to an official report on Twitter from the Police of Northern Hesse.

All other activities have been canceled in the village that attracted many visitors today. It is a day that people look forward to every year. 

Witnesses say they felt strongly that the gray Mercedes driver was deliberately going for children. (source)

The perpetrator is a 29-year-old German citizen and comes from Gegend. The perpetrator would have deliberately run into the crowd and there is probably no political motive.

As soon as the conclusions were drawn last week in the questionable attack of the so-called extreme right, so little is said about this attack.



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