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German court rules: Masks obligation illegal and dangerous for children

Weimar court bans face masks at 2 schools

On April 8, a court in Weimar ruled that 2 schools are no longer allowed to let students wear face masks, keep their distance from each other and do not have to submit to rapid tests.

Schools were also no longer allowed to provide distance education.

A mother of 2 students from one of the schools stated that such measures cause physical and psychological harm to her children and are against the law.

Judge Christian Dettmar said the mask obligation and distancing rules for children not only cause harm, but also violate articles 2 and 6 of the German constitution, which relate to the freedom of individual development and education.


The judge also said that corona measures are disproportionate. He referred to the principles of proportionality in Articles 20 and 28 of the German Constitution. The court further referred to the World Health Organization bulletin of October 2020 in which expert John Ioannidis states that the death rate from corona is 0,23 percent, comparable to a moderate flu epidemic. (source)

He concluded on the basis of scientific research that face masks and distance rules have had no effect whatsoever on reducing the number of so-called infections. The judge said the measures pose a great danger to the mental and physical health of the children. This is also very bad for children psychologically, according to the judge. also said the measures pose a danger to the mental, physical and psychological health of children. (source)

He also ridiculed the case where 100.000 children were subjected to bizarre measures because of one "case".

He judged on the basis of experts that masks do not protect against viruses, that PCR tests cannot detect infection and that asymptomatic spread has played no role from an epidemiological point of view.

Exactly what we've known for a while and what Reiner Fuellmich mainly bases his business on. The PCR is NOT working. (source)

Here again his explanation in 2 minutes:



Face masks have a strong dangerous negative impact on children's health. Testing at school is unnecessary and harmful. 


You don't think it's possible, but after this verdict, Dettmar's home, office and car were searched by the police. His cell phone was also confiscated. Another Weimar court subsequently wrote in a statement that Dettmar's verdict was "unlawful" and emphasized the importance of the mask requirement.


What is that other judge based on? What evidence does the judge have? Judge one is fair. Judge 2 is in the pocket of the politicians. But this house of cards won't last. Just believe me. We come out of here.


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