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German migrant raises money for “Muslim Only” pool

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A man with a migration background from Frankfurt raises money to open a swimming pool only for Muslims.

Abdullah Zeran from Frankfurt, where a mother and her child were recently thrown in front of the train by a “model immigrant”, (source), says he is busy getting people excited about this and he can count on a lot of support from Muslims and left-wing sleeping citizens.

"Muslim parents have a problem when the children in class have swimming lessons together," Abdullau Zeran said.

“The parents want that youngns and girls swim separately. We also want and must be able to give swimming lessons to these Muslims and we hope for the cooperation of the schools. ”

He thinks he needs more than 3.000.000 euros.

 "I have done market research and a Muslim swimming pool is a gap in the market!" Something he is probably also right about.

He can count on the support of Muslims in a radius of 90 km. Muslim communities have already promised that.

To be continued…

For those who do not yet have a clear picture of how Germany is suffering from the far-reaching Islamization of Germany, read the following articles again:
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Support this sound! It is desperately needed. Contribute to a new Netherlands with a society and a policy based on common sense!

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