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Germany: 1.800 “underage migrants” without a trace!

While everyone is being pumped full of Corona news, several Dutch municipalities have “decided” that they wanted to bring underage “orphan migrants” from the border area between Turkey and Greece to the Netherlands. (source)

Beautiful picture of a small child, who of course would prefer to pick up everyone with a heart, take it to the Netherlands and give a long and happy life. That is also wonderful. But it seems like a lie.

Propaganda photo migration industry


Angela Merkel started with this false representation of Affairs and also brought “underage orphan migrants” to Germany. But many of those "orphans" are between 15 and 18 years old. And the orphans with the same backgrounds have been at the top of all nasty lists for years and have turned out to be dangerous.

Suddenly 1.800 "unaccompanied minors" brought in by Merkel have disappeared in Germany. 711 children and 1.074 adolescents up to the age of 18. (source) (source)

Trackless. Blended into society. To family? Joined Muslim movements? To another EU country? Who can tell. In any case, the orphans were not adopted by a sweet German family to offer them a future.

Most of the missing young people come from Afghanistan, Syria, Morocco and Somalia. (source)

Last year Germany also brought in “orphan migrants”. Even then a lot disappeared into thin air. The statistics are, according to Welt, also false because the age is counted while they are missing.

Any missing person who has turned 18 years old will be removed from the list of missing persons. (source)

Furthermore, according to the same source, the government said that was the biggest reason for missing persons “Transit to family within or outside Germany” en "Not satisfied with the place of housing."

It is unclear what they base this on. It is quite difficult to ask missing migrants why they are missing.

Another group came last Saturday "Orphaned migrants" Germany in Hanover from the border area between Morocco and Greece.

47 people in total. 4 girls and 43 boys. (source)

It has nothing to do with helping. If we all really wanted to help, we would have had only grateful and really distressed refugees here who we could offer qualitative help. But that has long been made impossible by the millions of fortune seekers who come in here and ruin it for everyone.


Despite everything, the Greens, SPD and FDP have AGAIN called on the government to bring in even more migrants, according to Voice of Europe. (source)

Globalism ..

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