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Germany: IS members planned to attack on a US basis

The German authorities have confirmed that four suspected members of the Islamic State have been arrested.

Police raided several apartments and six other locations. This happened last Wednesday morning in North Rhine Westphalia.

The names of the four terrorists are Azizjon B., Muhammadali G., Farhodshoh K. and Sunatullokh K.

They are all from Tajikistan. The surnames are "For privacy reasons" not mentioned in full. (source)

The leader of this cell / group,Ravsan B., has been stuck since last year. (source)

Terror suspect Ravsan B.

The group of five is being charged with planning attacks and for swearing allegiance to the IS in January 2019.

Federal prosecutors say the suspects were preparing an attack on an American base in Germany. (source) (source)

They are also said to have planned an assassination attempt on one specific person. An Islam critics. Who that person is is not mentioned but people were already spying on this person to check his / her routine.

Two of this group of terrorists are also accused of accepting $ 40.000 to kill someone in Albania, the Netherlands' new partner in the EU.

They traveled to Albania, but the attack was unsuccessful for unclear reasons. (source)

The German Intelligence Services have long warned about new attacks and cannot prevent them all. The bloodiest attack to date has been the attack with a truck that was causing death and destruction on the Christmas market in Berlin.

It remains remarkable that, on the one hand, Intelligence services have to pull out all the stops to prevent attacks. Not 100% successful in this either, while on the other hand the government of Angela Merkel the country is flooded with migrants from exactly those risk groups.

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